Online Slots Strategy: How to Play Smarter

When it comes to slot games, people are often arguing if there is an online slots strategy at all or not. When you first start playing, it may seem like there is nothing you can do to win. But that’s not true. Even though slots are pretty much random, there are still some tips and tricks you can try to multiply your chances to win. Keep reading, since this post tells you exactly how to make the most of the slot games.

What Kind of Online Slots Strategy Is the Best?

When you want to make the most of the slots the first thing you should do is to build up your bankroll. The fact is that when you want to keep betting higher and higher, you constantly need to build up that bankroll. It’s the only sustainable online slots strategy. This means that when you first start playing you only bet the minimum and keep doing that until your bankroll is nicely built. After that, you can start making bigger and riskier bets that aren’t that risky anymore when you have followed this online slot machines strategy. Another great strategy is to find games that have a bonus round because they net you more winnings than the regular slots. Find out how to activate the bonus round and start taking advantage of it.

Fortunately, there are even more online slots strategy tips out there than building up a bankroll and taking advantage of the bonus rounds. One of the most important things is to pay attention to your pay lines. Usually, when you’re playing video slots, you play with more than one pay line. Often there are dozens of pay lines. You can also limit the number of your pay lines, but this is the point where so many players make a mistake. You should never limit the number of your pay lines. When you do that, it usually disables the bonus features in the game. That makes your payout rate drop dramatically. So, if you want to lower your bet, only reduce the value of the coins you’re playing with. Don’t touch the pay lines.

Online Slots Strategy Does Exists

Some people still think there are no such thing as an online slots strategy, but they are wrong. There are a lot of stuff you can do to make sure your winnings are as high as possible. Building up a bankroll, finding games with bonus rounds and making sure you are playing with all pay lines are just a few examples of things you can do to build up a sustainable online slots strategy. The one last tip for you is that you should never be afraid to take a chance. Online slot games mean taking some risks and without a risk, one can’t win. With a little strategy and risk taking you’ll become the master of the online slots.

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Figure out the right online slots strategy for you.

High Rollers In The Lap Of Luxury

There are several world famous casinos that you hear about and some of them are worthy of ending up on any bucket list. These luxurious surroundings with an amazing selection of games draw a glamorous crowd of high rollers, jet-setters, celebrities and normal Joe Soaps alike. The beauty of casinos is that they bring everyone together regardless of background or status in the society. Everyone is welcome in this wonderful world of glitz and glamour.

A Jewel Amongst Other World Famous Casinos

One casino that stands out from the crowd due to its location, and with a little help from James Bond, is the Casino in Monte Carlo, which arguably tops the list as the jewel in the crown amongst other world famous casinos. This one is synonymous with glitz, glamour and movie stars and is often the environment one thinks about when imagining casinos. Luckily for all who cannot hop on a plane and jet set off to Monaco, the world of casinos online offers great live casinos, so that everyone can experience the real excitement of the casinos, but from the comfort of your own home. It is the closest option to experiencing it all one can get, without spending money by booking a ticket to Monaco.

These surroundings naturally attract celebrities as well as other well-known characters. One well-known gentleman amongst other world famous casino players is Sean Connery, who managed to do the impossible by betting on the same number three times, and winning all three times! Mr Connery won himself a whopping £10.000, which would be the equivalent of about £163.000 in today´s monetary value. Not bad for a game of roulette! This is, of course, something that does not occur very often, and in fact, someone has calculated the odds for this to happen to be 1 in 50.000. Sean Connery´s name ended up in the history books thanks to this achievement as one of the luckiest gamblers in modern time. He did repeat the same achievement, however this time as James Bond on the silver screen.

World Famous Casinos Can Also Be Found Online

World famous casinos are no longer limited to the “real world” but can now be found online! With the ever-growing popularity of live casinos, the experience is getting more and more realistic. Along with the selection of games, the graphics have improved a lot in the past few years, and with the addition of live dealers and chat functions with other players, the gaming sites are bringing all the amazing casinos of the world to you. You can experience the excitement right from the comfort of your own home without queuing, changing clothes or spending money on martini drinks – shaken, not stirred of course.

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Chinese Gambling Superstitions and Taboos

Wearing red, right down to your knickers is just one of the Chinese gambling superstitions still religiously followed. Red represents good fortune and the fiery colour is bound to bring in some good luck. Chinese gamblers choose their entrance carefully too, staying well away from the main casino entrance lest they’re cursed by the feng shui masters. MGM Grand even went as far as changing its entrance which had had customers having to walk through the mouth of a lion.

Chinese Gambling Superstitions Count On Luck

Count on lucky numbers for your stroke of luck. Numbers play a large part in Chinese gambling superstitions and are an important part of the Chinese culture. In Chinese culture, 8 is a lucky number. It means luck and success. The reason for this is that the number in Mandarin Chinese sounds like ‘prosperity’. While 8 may be lucky, steer clear of 4 because it sounds like the Chinese word for ‘death’. Casinos – regular or online – are vibrant, noisy, bright and colourful – far removed from death. Numbers 4, 13 and 14 are often left out in some Chinese buildings, and in fact, many numbered product lines skip the number 4. In a casino whatever represents a 4 is worth avoiding if you want Lady Luck to beam down her fortunes on you.

If you’ve played the slots in a traditional casino, we’ve all seen couples playing together and how the one drapes their arm fondly over the other’s shoulder, particularly when they’re winning. If you’re gambling on your computer or mobile device, Chinese gambling superstitions include not having your partner leaning over you to watch you play and touching your shoulder. Not only is shoulder-touching considered to bring you bad luck with your gambling, it is considered to be rude. It can be tempting when you hear the winning jingle going off, not to be able to touch someone on the shoulder in acknowledgement of their luck and wins. If you have won anything, don’t stop to count the money that you’ve gained during your gambling session.

Win Big With Chinese Gambling Superstitions

Chinese gambling superstitions or not, recently a New Jersey family made a cool $100,000 win with Spin & Go on PokerStars. Whether you’re superstitious or not, there are winnings to be made. The 27-year-old couldn’t believe his luck when he won the three-handed turbo tournament and the $100,000 first place prize. Blueprint gaming brings out many innovative games like this and they create a land based as well as online slots. Spin & Go’s are the fastest way to win generous amounts. Some Blueprint slots have multiple bonus games and features while others are nice and simple, and the best part they’re available on mobile devices and computers. Your One Stop Shop

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Best Gambling Destinations Worldwide

The hours you spend in the best gambling destinations of the world could well be the key to a better life. Las Vegas in Nevada is known as the ‘entertainment capital of the world’, but there are many other amazing and interesting destinations such as Paris, Monaco, Atlantic City or the glamorous Monte Carlo. However, being able to gamble from a mobile device in the palm of your hand, has to be the best, most convenient gambling ‘destination’ of all.

Make Your Break At The Best Gambling Destinations

One of the top gambling destinations worldwide is Paris, France. This city attracts many high rollers as online gambling is illegal in France. Gambling was only fairly recently legalized at all in Singapore and it opened an awesome, glitzy Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World casino. Online gambling is slowly being introduced here, but even so, stringent operating conditions have been imposed and operators have to ensure the integrity of their operations. London, England has a host of casinos open to the public as well as those that are not. Exclusive establishments like the London Ritz have a strict policy about who is allowed inside to flirt with Lady Luck. Macau, China also attracts wealthy tourists to part with their money. If you want to experience gambling on an unprecedented level, this is the place to go.

Another of the top gambling destinations worldwide is Baden-Baden in the German Rhineland. People who appreciate ‘the good old days’ will find the casino appealing because this is opulence of yesteryear. Who can believe that this elaborate casino is more than 200 years old? The ornate casino was, indeed, established over 200 years ago and has rich décor, reminiscent of a time when it catered for European nobility. Today there are more than 100 slots and many gaming tables available. Niagara Falls is another attraction, with two major casinos. The Fallsview Casino Resort is a $1 billion complex which has 200 000 sq ft of gaming space and offers more than 100 gaming tables and 3000 slots. With world class casinos, this is seriously a fun-filled destination for anyone with an enthusiasm for gaming.

Lots Of Competition Between Best Gambling Destinations

So as not to be beaten, the top Asian gambling destinations of Singapore and Macau have hot competition in Manila, Philippines. This city has opened many brand new casino resorts. Solaire Casino and Resort on Manila Bay opened in 2013 and with 3 casinos on offer, wealthy VIP gamblers descend on this destination from all over the world. This high-end holiday destination attracts with its traditional gambling options – slot machines, roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat. Solaire is another destination of choice for Filipino citizens and visitors. Solaire competes with Resorts World Manila, in Manila, which was once considered the casino hot spot and one of the best gambling destinations for wealthy gamblers. – Your One Stop Casino Shop

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Best gambling destinations around the world

The History Of Pachinko Game

Despite strict gambling laws in Japan, Pachinko remains an absolute national obsession. A type of mechanical pinball game, similar to the slot machine, it has been popular there since the 1940s. The history of Pachinko actually has its roots in Japan, where it is now used as an arcade game and is the nation’s favourite gambling device. The Japanese Pachinko parlours are famous for their bustling, loud and energetic atmosphere. Today’s electronic machines are sophisticated, highly addictive and attract millions of players. They also generate a 30 trillion Yen profit every year- a $270 billion industry!

The Fascinating History Of Pachinko And How To Play

The history of Pachinko machines actually dates back to around the 1920s. It was first seen as a children’s version of the well-known Bagatelle and was called the “Corinth” game. In Japan, “Korinto Gemu”, a virtually identical game, emerged in the Far East around the same time. It was initially made popular as an attraction for children to buy candy in local stores. Little did anyone know how obsessive it would become! It paved the way for the infamous American pinball and emerged as a cult game in Japan around 1930 and then spread around the world. Japan’s thriving Pachinko parlours were actually all closed down during World War II, but the game bounced back in the 1940s. Their first commercial parlour opened in Nagoya in 1948, and the stage was set for the Pachinko revolution. Today, Pachinko has evolved into the most renowned game in Japan.

Throughout the history of Pachinko, the thrilling gameplay has remained basically the same. Like a pinball machine, players turn a handle which controls how fast the balls will shoot out into play. Machines are visually dazzling and extremely noisy, playing Japanese LCD animations throughout the game. Inside the flashy machine, silver metal balls whirl around and fall from the top. They catapult dramatically off pins and need to go into a special chamber and winning box at the bottom. When they do, the Pachinko screen brightly lights up numbers from one to nine. Three identical numbers, like 555, wins the player more balls or more money to cash in. Landing the ‘ōatari’ jackpot will cascade out a massive amount of balls to a deafening soundtrack. This game is every player’s favourite slot machine with an extra punch!

The History of Pachinko Is Still Being Written

The popularity of Pachinko, it seems, is destined to continue growing over the coming years. It is gaining a devoted following in Canada and the USA and many other countries around the world. With the rise of online gaming, its visibility has been increased and gamers looking for a new challenge are fast becoming addicted. The most in demand version of online Pachinko is Dolphin Paradise, which is very similar visually and plays in the same way. It does not hold quite the same thrill as playing in a noisy Japanese parlour, however, it is amazingly good fun. The history of Pachinko has entered a new era of online play and is still being written.

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The History of Pachinko Is Fascinating

A Double Jackpot Winner Strikes Again With $825K At PokerStars

In January 2017, a player from Bermuda managed to kick off his year with a bang, by landing the Winstar Jackpot worth $825K. This is the second time in 2 years that the player has landed the jackpot after he made the life-changing choice to play at PokerStars online casino. This casino, which is part of the website, is one of the largest poker brands in the market. They offer some of the best bonuses and have an incredible variety of games from trusted developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. Test your luck and you just might just be the next big winner!

Winstar Jackpot: Winning Has Never Been Easier!

To land yourself a big win like our lucky player from Bermuda, you have to know which video slots to choose, how to play and, most importantly, the best casino to play from. With this in mind, you can sign up at PokerStars online casino which is one of the largest casinos and receive their welcome bonus. Winstar slot was the game that landed our player his prize because he knew how to win at online slots. It is no coincidence that the game has one of the best payout percentages. A staggering 96.44%. What makes the game even more inviting is the fact that it has a progressive jackpot. Players have the opportunity to land the Winstar jackpot as it offers the chance of making 500x an initial bet. Why not test your luck with this famous Blueprint Gaming game today and maybe you will win at online slots too!

Watch Out For The Symbols And You Could Be The Lucky Winner.

With big symbols that are beautifully coloured, landing the Winstar jackpot is just a spin away. The fact that there is a progressive jackpot makes this game even more enticing. To win, you have to pay keen attention to the symbols, as even the most experienced jackpot slot winners will tell you that it is not only about luck. There are 4 high-value symbols, the red, green, silver and blue stars. The lower values are the normal cards J, Q, K and A. For 500x your line stake, fill the reels with the highest value silver stars. For 5 of the red stars on the reels, will also give you 40x your stake. Landing the jackpot has never been easier. Try Winstar slot and you could be the next lucky winner.

Play For The Winstar Jackpot With PokerStars Online

PokerStars, having its roots in Costa Rica, has grown to become one of the biggest online casinos in the industry. The company was purchased in 2014 by the Canadian betting giant Amaya for an estimated $5 billion. The casino has made its way to the top by having some amazing features. They also offer a mobile platform that is reliable and powered by some of the biggest developers in the market like Blueprint Gaming, Net Entertainment and Amaya Software. Make the right decision like the player from Bermuda. Sign up now, claim your bonus, then set off on a very rewarding adventure.

Winstar slot is an exciting 5 reel by 3 rows video slot with 10 paylines, from Blueprint Gaming. The game has one of the most lucrative payouts of 500x your initial stake. Considering that the smallest bet is just 0.20 and the maximum is 500.00, you could end up being the luckiest casino player out there. The progressive jackpot will continue to tempt you and if you play on, you may be hitting the headlines in the casino world sooner than you think!

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