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Casino Deposit Bonus and Welcome Offers

The first thing that iGamers worldwide look at before they decide to create an online casino account is the bonuses on offer. Casino owners are aware of this fact and as a result, they make sure that the offers they have are not only appealing to newbie iGamers, but also to individuals already signed up to competitor sites. There are two main types of bonuses out there, namely, the Deposit Bonus and the No Deposit Bonus. The difference between these two is that one requires you to make a deposit into your casino account, while the other kind requires no initial financial commitment on your part in order for you to qualify. Both are readily available at reputable online casinos, however, the offer you get will depend on the casino you choose.

What Is A Deposit Bonus?

An online casino welcome bonus, as the name explains, is one that players on a site receive for making a cash deposit into their casino account. A while back, players needed special bonus codes in order to claim a Deposit Bonus once they had made deposits. But nowadays, with technological advancements, it’s become a very streamlined process for both online casino newbies and pros. Your account is automatically credited with the specific bonus right after you make a deposit of the minimum required amount. No special codes necessary. And should you encounter issues with claiming the reward, support channels are always on hand to assist you in record time so as not to interfere with your iGaming experience. It’s important to note, however, that you as the player do not get to decide the amount you would like to put in to receive the advertised Registration Bonus Offer. Each casino has its own terms and conditions associated with the bonuses they offer their clients.

These casino terms are more commonly referred to as wagering requirements. They state what you receive for certain actions on the site, how to claim bonuses, as well as their validity period and how to use them. Amongst these terms, the casino will have stated the minimum deposit amount required for you to qualify for any given bonus. That being said, when it comes to a Signup Bonus that comes as a matched percentage, there is a maximum limit to how much bonus credits you can receive for your deposit. For instance, you might find an offer stating that you will receive a Deposit Bonus worth 100% up to $100. This means that even if you choose to deposit more than $100, perhaps $200, you will only receive the maximum bonus amount stated which is $100 worth of bonus credits.

Where To Find Good Offers

Getting information online on the best Welcome Bonus offers might prove a bit tricky. This is mostly because everyone, including fraudsters, is trying to get your attention by advertising very enticing offers. However, if you don’t want to be lured to a scammer site simply because you caught sight of a sign up bonus that sounds too good to be true, then it’s advisable you do your research on reputable information sites such as casinoguides.ca. Here you will find information on the most reputable and trusted online casinos. And along with this information, you will also find updated news about the most lucrative bonus offers, who are offering them, as well as how to qualify for them. You may also be lucky enough to find them offering a special Deposit Bonus to you at a renowned casino for simply trusting them enough to do your research through them. You can’t go wrong with casinoguides.ca as it is a site specifically for Canadian players.

A Deposit Bonus may be awarded in a number of ways. It might come as a matched percentage meaning you receive the stated percentage equivalent, in casino credits, of the amount you deposit. It may come in the form of free spins which means you get free rounds at pokies. You may be awarded a singular amount, such as $10 worth of casino money, from the casino of your choosing. However, if you’re lucky, the Registration Bonus might come as a combination of any of the above mentioned. For example, you will receive up to 150% for $200 plus 20 free spins. This means that in addition to the guaranteed percentage of casino money awarded, you will also have free spins to earn from. What you get depends on where you choose to play at.

How Does It Work?

As earlier stated a Deposit Bonus varies from other casino bonus promotions as you have to place a cash deposit to qualify. The amount to be deposited as well as the accepted mode of making a deposit is stated by the online casino you would wish to receive your bonus from. They will specify the minimum acceptable balance in their wagering and playthrough requirements section. There is no maximum limit stated. They leave that up to the player. However, if you cannot find this information easily on the site, feel free to contact the customer care attendants to receive assistance on the matter. With the majority of online casinos these days, live chat support is an available option meaning you can get help up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in reference to any Deposit Bonus queries you may like answered. So whether you’re new to iGaming or a pro, all your questions can be promptly addressed to your satisfaction, especially if you’re to receive your bonus from a renowned online casino.

Since you’ve already made your deposit, what happens next? If you followed through on the stated requirements then you should have your bonus immediately credited to your online account. It will be specified as a new bonus amount, and will not be placed together with the real money deposit amount in your account. Some casinos even have a separate area on the platform allocated to seeing your bonus amounts. The playthrough requirements will specify where your Deposit Bonus amount is qualified for use, be it pokies, table games or any other games the online casino has. However, a majority of online casinos specify that their bonuses be used to wager on pokies. Wagering requirements specify how many times you need to play in order to make withdrawals. As a rule, all players need to keep in mind that the higher those wagering requirements, the higher the wins. And the lower the requirements, then the lower the wins.

Deposit Bonus Summary

Any Canadian iGamer can qualify for a bonus. Simply visit casinoguides.ca to find online casinos worldwide that accept players from Canada and sign up. You will find different online casinos offering a variety of deposit based bonuses to their clients. The choice you make will be dependant on what it is you wish to receive. The Deposit Bonus might be a one-time welcome offer for joining the site, or it may be a frequent promotion from the casino of your choosing. Whatever the case, credible information sites will offer you all the latest news necessary to help you make an informed choice based on the available options. Bonuses are there as not only a thank you from the casino for your loyalty, but also a way to get you to play more and more games on the platform as you now have added casino credits at your disposal. And as is the case with iGaming, the more you play, the higher your chances of making significant wins at the end.

Even if you have received a Welcome Bonus, it’s important for all players to be mindful of their finances. There is a bonus suitable for all pocket sizes. Do not be tempted to make a big deposit because of the possible wins. iGaming is mostly based on chance and therefore, don’t put all your eggs in one single basket. Pick a suitable bonus that you can manage the wagering and playthrough requirements of. Once you master that part, all bonuses, whether big or small, will fully work in your favour.

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