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Getting ready to play at an online casino? Do you know what payment method you will use to cash out at the end of your gameplay? With our casino eChecks guide, you will be prepared to complete your online transactions quickly and safely.

Our guides list the best regulated and verified online casino sites that accept eCheck or electronic check transactions. Since you can only draw what is available in your account this is a popular option among Canadian players.

What to know about this banking method? Check out all the information such as minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, transaction fees, and more in our guide below. Sounds complex? Don’t worry, our quick-start lists simplify all of this, so busy players like you can save time and start playing quickly.

Read on in our top list to discover the best online casinos accepting eCheck for Canadians!

Top eCheck Casinos May 2024

Using echeck is now faster than ever!

Echeck offers fast transfer times and low comissions for Canadian transfers online.

Echecks can be used to gamble online and to buy products from online stores.

With echeck you can always sleep your nights safely knowing that the transfers made with echeck are secure and verified.

Our guide explains how to become and signup to be echeck user in Canada, read more and find out how!

Using Echeck for Online Casinos

Echeck Deposit Casino

Echeck works exactly like a paper check, and the only difference is that the process is secure and instant, and happens in real time.

It does an electronic funds transfer, EFT, straight from your bank account to player account.

This form of online payment can be used for both deposits and withdrawals for online casinos.

When you deposit a certain amount of money using Echeck, the amount of money deposited will be requested from your personal bank account.

Once the transaction is cleared by the bank, the funds are transferred to your account in the online casino of your choice.

One problem you may face while using Echeck as a form of making deposits is delays.

It can take up to 7 days for your bank to clear your funds. The amount, however, is reflected in your online casino account but the status of this amount will be labelled as “uncleared”.

When a deposit has the “uncleared” tag, you will be limited in the use of your funds in that, you will not be able to withdraw or request money transfers, at least for the “uncleared” amount.

If you have a balance greater than that amount, however, you will be able to continue using the transfer and withdrawal services.

Opening an Echeck account

Echeck accounts can be opened using several online payment platforms.

The most common one, however, is opening an account via the platform, PayPal.

The first step is to log into your PayPal account and if you do not have one, simply click on the create a PayPal account button on PayPal’s official Canadian site.

The next step is to link your bank account to your PayPal account.

This is done by clicking on the profile tab at the top of the page and clicking on the update or link bank option in the drop down menu.

Once you’re ready, head over to your favourite online casino where they will give you instructions on how to make payments using this method.

Most online casinos will have you going back to your PayPal account, and ask you to click on the send money option.

Enter the information that you will have been given by the casino and hit continue.

As a form of payment, choose the Echeck option and hit continue.

Review the information that you will have given and to complete the transaction, hit the send money button.

Using Echeck in Canada

The use of Echeck as a form of payment is still very popular especially among Canadian players who are looking to make deposits into their online casino accounts.

This form of payment is especially popular among players who do not have credit cards or those who prefer not to use other methods of payment for whatever reason.

This method of payment is now widely accepted in most, if not all, reputable Canadian online gambling platforms.

This method is not limited to Echeck casinos in Canada. The service can be used in a myriad of gambling sites including poker sites, bingo sites, sports betting sites among others.

Fees and Limits

Using Echeck as a method of payment is absolutely free! Any transaction fees that may have been incurred during the process are charged directly to the casino and not to you.

The only instances where you will incur an additional fee with the use of Echeck is when your transfer fails.

This is mainly brought about by an insufficient balance in your bank account. When the transfer fails due to this reason, you will be charged a service fee of around $30.

There are limits, however, on how much you can deposit with a single check.

This also depends on the casino and the limits set by your bank.

Typically, in terms of limits, the minimum amount you can transact using this service is $20 and the maximum amount of money you can transact is $2,000.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Echeck

One of the main benefits of using Echeck as a form of payment, one that players across the globe love, is the cost.

After the initial set up, processing Echecks costs much less than other forms of payments, especially when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals in an online casino.

This mode of payment also offers its users high security when it comes to the question of how secure their money is.

The risk of theft and fraud is reduced due to the encryption of user bank details.

This method is easy to use and understand.

The simplicity makes it difficult to encounter errors and in cases where errors may occur, they are easily rectified.

Another benefit of this method of payment is its diversity when comes to Canadian currency.

Clients get to make payments in the currency of their choice and the payments will go through.

One major complaint that has seen the use of Echeck as a payment service lose the limelight is errors that are made by sites and/or computers.

Some of these errors could lead to a double withdrawal from your account and this may take some time to reverse.

Another problem that players may face is the small number of Echeck online casinos.

Although this number is growing, it comes to a disadvantage where players may have casino preferences.

Returned or “bounced” transactions due to insufficient funds may cause delays in the delivery of services especially by online casinos.

You may not be able to play until the case is solved. these returned or “bounced” checks often cost both players and the casinos a lot of money due to the fees that have to be paid.

  • Processing costs much less than other forms of payment
  • Easy to use and understand, thus reducing the risk of errors
  • Computer errors could lead to double withdrawals from your account
  • Delays in services because of bounced Echecks due to insuffient funds

A Brief Review of Echeck as a Payment Option

Overall, the use of the Echeck service for making payments to online mobile casinos is safe and efficient.

It is convenient too for those players who may not have access to credit or debit cards or may not want to give out their credit or debit card information for one reason or the other.

Although using the Echeck service is not as quick or as instant as other services, it has rapidly increased the speed in which payments are processed in most online casinos.

In most cases, you will not have to wait for the funds to be cleared by your bank, and this allows you to start playing instantly!

Echeck FAQ

How secure are Echecks?

Echecks are one of the safest and most secure methods of making online payments.

This widely used method of electronic transfer is compliant with strict processing rules that keep all your personal information safe.

The security measures include a standard industry data encryption software for your personal information and a 128-bit SSL end to end encryption on communications.

Are there deposit limits for the use of Echecks?

Deposit limits when it comes to the use of Echecks really depends on the online casino site you use.

Visit the Cashier’s page to look at your current deposit limits.

Remember, deposit limits vary according to how long you have been a player at a particular casino.

First-time users may have a lower deposit limit. To increase your limit, or if you have any question regarding this particular subject, please contact support.

Can I make withdrawals using Echeck?

Yes. You may withdraw funds from your online casino account via Echeck.

Please note that withdrawals may take a longer time to process, averaging 3-6 business days.

Also, note that the amount withdrawn will be credited to any Entropay or CFT eligible Visa card.

You may have used to make deposits before it is credited to your Echeck account.

For more information, you can visit the online casino’s withdrawal policy page.

Are there additional fees when I use Echeck?

As long as your bank processes any Echeck transactions without sending them back, there are no additional fees that are charged for the use of this service.

Fees charged by the banks, however, are the responsibility of the player.

These include fees that have been incurred for debits that have been rejected or returned by the bank due to insufficient funds in the account or other reasons.

How can I make purchases using Echecks?

For most online casinos, the Echeck deposit option is fully integrated into the checkout, or cashier screen.

To make a deposit or a withdrawal, all you have to do is log into your account, choose what you would like to do, either ‘make a deposit’ or ‘make a withdrawal’.

Click on the Echeck button as a form of payment.

Follow the instructions that come after and your request will be processed in absolutely no time.

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