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Mobile Casino – Play your favorite games Anywhere

Gambling has come a long way ever since it was invented, before written history. In written history records, gambling houses, commonly known as land casinos in the modern day, were first recorded in China in the first millennium BC, and the most common betting was on fighting animals. In the 10th century, games such as Dominoes and some Lotto games developed in China.

In the U.S, Poker, which was heavily borrowed from As-Nas, a Persian game, is dated before the 17th century.

The first known land casino in written history is said to have been started in 1638 in Venice, Italy.

Since then, gambling has undergone vast evolution. From the land-based casinos to online casinos (also known as virtual or internet casinos), to the latest mobile casinos.

Mobile Casinos: Your Casino on the Go

Mobile casinos give access to online casinos on the go. This simply means that you can access an online casino from any location, so long as you have a smartphone, a tablet or any other portable device, that has a connection to the internet.

The rapid technological advancement and the advent of smart devices, witnessed in the past 15 years, has led to a massive surge in the use of smartphones and the likes, globally. This has, in turn, led to most businesses turning their attention and making their services available on the platform to reach the growing number of existent and potential clients, who desire to access the services on their mobile devices.

Casinos have not been left behind, as most of the established Land-based and online casinos going mobile. The recent developments in technology have seen the mobile casinos improve and become better day by day. The invention of the new HTML5 technology has contributed significantly to the improvements by making it able to create useful software applications that make it easy for smartphones to run websites effectively. The technology has enhanced the best-unrivaled cross-browser experience and has been widely adopted and has made the online casinos easily compatible with Windows, Blackberry, and Android devices.

That and many more techniques bring online casinos to the fingertips of the gamblers around the globe. Whether a beginner or a seasoned connoisseur, mobile casino brings convenience to you, besides providing a 24/7 availability alongside dedicated customer service. Whether in a queue, on a bus or train, or at a nightclub having fun, you can play your favorite games on your mobile device. Your location does not matter. The graphical quality of Mobile casinos is also improving with improvements in technology. Most companies are developing more games that are readily compatible with the variety of mobile platform and make them cross-platform. The old games are also being redeveloped and modified to suit the same purpose and follow the trend.

12 Best Reasons why to play Mobile Casinos


Mobile casinos give an alternative to the land-based casinos. Therefore, you will not have to visit a physical casino for you to play your favorite games. This cuts down on expenses incurred in physical casinos, e.g., food, drinks, accommodation and much more, making Mobile Casinos significantly affordable.

Mobile Casinos offer unmatched convenience

The fact that you can access any games you want from anywhere and at any time you wish, as long as you are connected to the internet, gives Mobile Casinos an unparalleled score in the convenience and accessibility offered. This also provides a competitive advantage to the casino brands that have made their services available on the mobile platform. From the comfort of your bedroom or your living room to the waiting lounge in an airport or a train station, the accessibility to an online casino through your mobile device is incomparable.

Mobile Casinos save on time

Even when engaged in other activities, you can use some spare time and take part in an online casino, making the time a money-making opportunity. You don’t have to create time and leave other activities for you to visit a casino. You can also play in a mobile casino any number of times you wish, at any time of the day. You also won’t have to travel long distances, hundreds of miles in some cases. That time can be utilized in other activities maximizing personal efficiency. You also do not have to log in to your account each time you wish to play as is the case on laptops and computers.

Mobile Casinos offer comfort

You can avoid the stress related to planning and traveling to casinos by accessing them on the mobile platform. No matter the proximity of a casino, it would be very uncomfortable to visit as frequently as you would love to, as compared to mobile casinos frequently. Mobile casinos offer a 24 hours a day service which is practically not possible with the land-based casinos which have a limited operational time frame.

Mobile Casinos are easy to use and user-friendly

Mobile Casinos are not complicated to use. You can pause the game at wish, to continue at a later time, when you will carry on from where you left off. The games also have a one time log in capability such that one you are in you won’t have to log in time and again, which at times becomes cumbersome to extents that clients lose their passwords and other access credentials that might hinder them from playing their favorite games whenever they wish to.

Mobile Casinos are versatile

The versatility of mobile games is such that you can play more than one game at a go on your mobile device. You can opt to open a new tab or a new application and start a new game. All available games can also be easily accessed from any location at any time. Mobile Casinos give the nearly perfect definition of versatility. Their versatility, as is their accessibility and convenience, is currently unmatched.

Mobile Casinos offer safer gaming

Mobile casinos have put up safety measures and integrity constraints that ensure safety for all players in the gambling environment. The games are only accessed by players who are of the age of 18 and above, which is a law that is enforced in most nations. The platforms are also secured with the latest technology infrastructure to eliminate cases of data pilferage, theft of identity, impersonation and more security threats.

The payments in the reputable mobile casinos are also secured with the latest SSL encryption technology in a bid to plug and seal the loopholes that might compromise transactions.

Better Offers and Promotions

This is one of the chief advantages of Mobile casinos over land-based casinos. Most Mobile Casinos have genuine offers and discounts once you buy betting chips. This is a feature that’s very rare in Land-based casinos. The offers and promotions run weekly and monthly, and come in many forms, e.g., free spins, free deposits, free welcome bonus, deposit bonus, reload deposit bonus, and many more. The promotions are very lucrative and are of vital benefit to the players since they significantly increase their chances of winning.

Mobile Casinos offer a variety of different genres of games

Established game providers like Microgaming, Nextgen gaming, and NetEnt, have come up with very many games with superb gameplay and brilliant quality graphics that add on to the varieties of games. There are thousands of scratch cards, jackpots, table games, and slot games available on Mobile platforms for the players to choose from. There are also numerous games that are entertainment theme based for players who love the genre.

Potential Huge winnings

Mobile Casinos gamble and risk gives them the extra anticipation. The gamblers are thrilled by the slots since they can’t predict the outcome resulting in adrenalin rush which most describe as fun. The casino’s jackpots increase day by day giving gamblers a new chance to hit big money spins. With the rapid increase of games, the competition between the providers leads to a rise in prizes, which is an added advantage to the growing gambling fraternity.

Mobile Casinos have colossal jackpots

Mobile casinos popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years, and their jackpots have progressively risen to huge sums. Casinos like Mega Fortune Dreams and Mega Moolah have been breaking the World record Mobile Casinos payouts in the recent years. These and more of the same can be easily accessed and played on mobile devices from any location globally, at any time.

Mobile Casinos are the most innovative casinos

With the vastly growing popularity of Mobile Casinos, most new and traditional game providers are availing their games on the mobile platform. This has created a healthy competition with the providers struggling to produce top-notch creativity. The innovation and creativity have massively expanded the variety of games available.

The listed and many other reasons support the evolution of gambling and encourage the gambling fraternity to embrace the changes and make the most out of the Mobile Casinos which have bigger and better potential as compared to traditional land-based casinos.

Examples of Games available on Mobile Platforms

Top Mobile Casino Applications and games

Prev Bonus Offer
Bonus: C$1.200 Free spins: 200
Bonus: C$600 Free spins: 200
Bonus: C$5.000 Free spins: 400
Bonus: C$750 Free spins: 100
Bonus: C$100 Free spins: 10
Bonus: C$1.500 Free spins:
Bonus: C$500 Free spins: 50
Bonus: C$1.600 Free spins:
Bonus: C$750 Free spins:
Bonus: C$1.000 Free spins: 15
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