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Instadebit Casino Bank Guide for Canadians

instadebit welcome deposit bonus guide for canadians

Looking for a secure, fast, and reliable platform for transacting with your favourite online casino? Want something not only fast but efficient and safe? Well, you will be glad to know you can stop looking because we have you covered. Get all the info on the e-wallet Instadebit in our banking guide. If you are thinking about why you should choose Instadebit over other banking methods, you need to check exactly what it offers in the guide below.

Want to know all about the other features of Instadebit? What are the charges? Turnaround times for transactions? Our up to date review ensures you will always have the most accurate, relevant information to hand. We are constantly on the lookout for updates, which we then pass along to you. Then you can keep your online casino account funded and have access to all the gameplay you want.

Check out below for some of the top Canadian casinos that work with Instadebit.

Top Casinos with Instadebit in Canada

  • 200 Free spins & CA$1000 bonus
  • Fast payouts
  • Safe & secure
  • 24/7 Support
4x deposit bonus up to C$1600
  • CA$1600 bonus
  • 630+ casino slots & games
  • 5M+ Mega Moolah Jackpot
  • Live dealer games
  • Localized Payment Methdods
  • Daily Offers
  • Fast Support
  • Canadians Accepted
  • CA$1000 bonus
  • 655+ casino games & slots
  • Payout ratio of 97,59%
  • Over $5M paid out daily
  • CA$500 bonus + 20 no deposit free spins
  • Unique games
  • Forefront design
  • Very helpful support
C$600 + 200 Free Spins
  • 200 Free spins & CA$600 bonus
  • Mobile first
  • Fast payouts
  • 24/7 Customer support with live chat
Bonus: CA$1000
Free spins: 122
Jackpot City
Jackpot City
Bonus: 4x deposit bonus up to C$1600
Free spins: -
Bonus: CA$300
Free spins: 150
Spin Casino
Spin Casino
Bonus: CA$1000
Free spins: -
Bonus: CA$500
Free spins: 100
Bonus: C$600 + 200 Free Spins
Free spins:

Instadebit offers direct bank transfers for mobile users.

Signup now to instadebit and start sending money either locally or abdroad with instadebit.

Instadebit is also available for shopping online and is commonly used as the go to payment method for Canadian online casino gamblers due to the fact that it is easy to use and mobile friendly.

Read our guide and find out about the perks and benefits of instadebit in Canada.

Using Instadebit For Online Casinos

Instadebit is, basically, an electronic payment service commonly known as an e-wallet.

The e-wallet acts as an intermediary between your already functioning bank account and Instadebit online casinos.

The process starts with registering for an account at the Instadebit website.

Next, head on over to a to a gambling site that accepts this form of payment, and in the cashier, section click on the payment method and confirm it as your preferred deposit mode.

A window will pop up, just as it would if you were logging into an e-banking account at your bank.

The greatest advantage here is that the casino does not require any of your personal or banking data. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and confirm that it is the correct number – in a matter of seconds, the money appears in your online gambling account.

Unlike many other payment methods that offer only one-way services, Instadebit works both ways.

You can make your deposits and withdrawals through it, with no exorbitant or hidden fees attached, because it acts as an intermediary service between your bank account and the Instadebit casino.

The withdrawal process is the same as money depositing; any payout is deposited to your e-wallet’s balance.

It is available for new payments, or you can withdraw to your bank account when you need to.

The best part of using Instadebit is that you can sign up for the service and pay instantly.

You do not need to prepare yourself ahead of time to make payments, which is great news for the gambler who is ready to get started immediately!

Opening An Instadebit Account

In the True North, Canada, Instadebit casinos online are in plenty because the gaming halls understand that this e-wallet is the preferred choice for many Canadian gamblers.

Opening an account with Instadebit is as simple as, well, a four-step process.

  • (1) Go to the e-wallet’s website and click on the Sign-Up/login button at the top right-hand corner.
  • (2) In the following page, provide your valid email address and create a password to log back into the site.
  • (3) Next, you will be asked to provide details such as your name, address, date of birth (for age verification purposes since the service is only available to adults over 18 years) and the last 4 digits of your SIN (the website will never ask for your full SIN, and this is also for identity verification).
  • (4) The website will prompt you to enter a 5-digit transit number of your bank, 3-digit number for the institution and 12 digits of your bank account number.

As simple as that! However, to lift your transactions limit a small payment of less than CAD $2.00 will be made into your bank account in 3 to 5 days.

Once the amount appears in your account, log into the e-wallet account and verify bank account.

Enter the exact amount received and the transaction limit is revised.

Using Instadebit In Canada

Instadebit is a Canadian-oriented payment service that offers Canadian gamblers with lots of benefits such as special deposit bonuses.

For starters, you do not have to wait for approval once you create an account and you can deposit money into your mobile casino account almost instantaneously.

All Canadian financial institutions also support the e-wallet and any casino transaction will never appear in your bank statements – they only show up as either 1-877-88DEBIT or

Also, you can make payments to Instadebit casinos in USD $ or CAD $.

Playing at established and new Instadebit casinos are very safe since your financial and personal details are never shared – your details remain with Instadebit and not the online casino.

You will also find that several online Canadian casinos offer deposit match bonuses of up to 10% for using this e-wallet when making your initial deposit.

Fees and Limits

Instadebit does not charge you for making deposits, and neither do Instadebit mobile casino sites.

However, there is a CAD $1.95 charge for making payments to any merchant directly from your bank account.

If a merchant issues a refund, no charge is attracted for transferring the funds back to your balance account.

There is also a CAD $2.00 fee for withdrawing your Instadebit funds to your bank account.

Also, there may be charges that you might incur from your bank whenever you make NSF transactions.

The end goal of the e-wallet is to make your transactions as risk less as possible for you and the gaming platform.

The extra safety means higher transaction limits when compared to many other deposit methods.

The exact limits usually depend on the casinos you are playing at, but usually, the minimum is either CAD $10 or CAD $20.

The industry’s maximum is usually CAD $2,000 in a single transaction.

This means that most gamblers will never run into transaction limits.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Instadebit

Although there are various payment options out there that make paying for services and products easy.

Instadebit provides the gambler with a simple method of depositing and withdrawing funds at online casinos.

This e-wallet option is specially designed for handling at online casino sites, and players have the benefit of instant gambling and betting as they play at a variety of Instadebit online casinos.

Also, the e-wallet has a real history of collaborating with just about all the leading Canadian casinos.

Another reason why this payment method is so popular with so many Canadian brands is that it is incredibly easy to use.

All you have to do is setup your account, and you are ready to go.

The process is free and only requires a few necessary details to verify your identity and link your actual bank account.

On authorization, you benefit from unlimited deposits and withdrawals, without hefty fees attached.

When it comes to selecting the banking method for online casinos, the two most important factors are security and confidentiality.

With Instadebit, you get to enjoy both.

As an attractive business option in Canadian Instadebit casinos online, you can be assured that transactions are handled in a secure and safe environment protected using high encryption.

Furthermore, your account information is never shared, drastically reducing the risk of users and hackers gaining access to your personal details.

On the flipside, apart from the fees for making payments from bank accounts and making withdrawals from your Instadebit account, there is one other huge drawback.

The e-wallet is not available to those without a Canadian bank account or if you do not have the necessary documentation to verify your identity.

Plus, you can only use one bank account, meaning you cannot split your payments between several accounts.

  • Instadebit is only available to those with Canadian bank accounts.

  • Available at most online Canadian casinos and easy to use.

  • Instant deposit and cash out times.

  • You can only register one bank account with each Instadebit account.

Instadebit Review: The Roundup…

There is no doubt that Instadebit is a convenient payment method, especially for Canadian gamblers with bank accounts.

Using this e-wallet, you never have to worry about giving out your classified personal and financial information through credit or debit cards, it is all safe, and only the bank can see it.

Any transfers you make are finalized in a couple of minutes, leaving both you and the casinos happy.

Do not see it an e-wallet yet?

The main point of this payment option is to keep your money flowing, making it the best choice for your active bank account – where you keep all your earnings.

And, that is all you need to know about using Instadebit, all you have to do now is choose a casino that most suits your gaming needs.

Instadebit FAQ

Is Instadebit a secure payment and withdrawal option?

Yes, you only share your banking and personal information with Instadebit while signing up.

A major component of the service is to safeguard the information they receive using state of the art security and encryption technology.

As you make an Instadebit casino deposit, you never share any of your personal information either, reducing the number of potential problems that a site may have with its security.

Nobody can intercept your communication nor will any of the casino employees be able to view your information.

Can I change my Instadebit account information?

Yes, Instadebit website allows you to change your email address and password by logging into the site account.

To change other details like your bank information, home address or name, please get in touch with Instadebit at

However, you will be required to provide your driver’s license, passport or any other government issued photo ID.

Besides, you will need to provide a proof of address documents such as a utility bill and a void cheque.

What is the withdrawal time?

Instadebit withdrawals are fast. A majority of online casinos warn that withdrawals may take up to 72 hours before the cashouts are processed and credited.

However, the reality is that it takes much less time and sometimes the payouts are done almost instantaneously.

On the other hand, there is one thing you should be on the lookout for if you have been using a Visa card to fund your online casino account.

Any cashouts you request are automatically sent to this card, as long as it is eligible, for up to 12 months before you make your withdrawals using Instadebit.

How does Instadebit compare to the other payment platforms out there?

One major advantage of Instadebit is that it does not reveal any personal information to online casinos.

This is usually a concern in regions where gambling is considered as illegal but is quite handy if you are in Canada – just in case you bump into a fraudulent or dishonest online casino.

However, if you stick with a single site, you will never have to deal with such a problem.

Also, Instadebit is much faster compared to other payment methods like wire or bank transfers.

This effectively means that you start enjoying your casino games whenever you are ready, without wasting time waiting for payments to clear once you make a deposit.

The difference between Instadebit and credit cards

In many ways, it is not better or worse.

Both debit/credit cards and Instadebit offer you extremely fast and immediate transfers, with various security layers that protect your identity.

The biggest difference is that Instadebit does not require you to share any bank details on the Internet, something that most people like.

Another reason why you might prefer Instadebit to credit/debit cards is that you can easily keep track of your deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

You can do this much more efficiently with Instadebit rather than identify and singling out numbers in a bank or credit card statement. Your Online Resource

With online gaming increasing in popularity and new games been developed every day, it is time you make sure that you are well informed of the latest industry trends. is a Canadian-based Guide platform that avails all the info you need about online gaming and banking.

Here you will find a resource packed with honest reviews on slots, blog posts on how to take your game a notch higher and game guides that explore every facet of your favorite online game.

Make your online gaming experiences that much more exciting by checking out this platform.

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