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iDebit Casino Bank Guide for Canadians

iDebit Deposit Bonus and Casino Guide

Looking for a way to play at the best online casinos without a debit or credit card? iDebit is a great way to use your personal bank for secure transactions at Canadian casinos. Our list of fully regulated, licensed casinos give you the best game-playing sites to choose from. Whether you prefer slots, themed games, or traditional plays like blackjack, we have you covered for your preferred payment method when you make those big wins.

It can be frustrating when you choose a casino and find out your payment method does not work. Not to worry! Our site will make sure you don’t make this mistake. You will be fully prepared when you read through our quick-start iDebit casino guides.

Don’t wait – choosing a casino can feel like a big decision, so the sooner you start exploring our iDebit casino bank guide, and discover the answer to any queries you might have like, minimum or maximum deposit requirement, or how long it will take to process transactions, the faster you can start cashing in your casino payouts.

Check our or top list below to find everything you need to know about using the iDebit payment method.

Casinos with iDebit payment options

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iDebit is here to connect Canadian customers to online banking checkout directly, helping you to make transfers secure.

iDebit also offers real-time payment options for Canadians without a needed reguirement of a credit card.

This is extremely convinient while making payments online without iDebit since you dont have to use your personal credit card!

Read our guide to find out wich online casinos support iDebit in Canada.

Using iDebit for Online Casinos

The use of iDebit has become rather popular as a form of making deposits and withdrawals in online casinos.

The most attractive feature is that it gives you the ability to do real-time bank transfers from your personal bank account.

The sign-up process for this form of payment is rather fast and would take you no more than 5 minutes and costs absolutely nothing to open up an account.

The fees that come along with this form of payment are also relatively low.

Online casinos also favour the use of iDebit as a form of payment since they receive a confirmation immediately a transaction is made.

In addition, this form of payment tracks the transaction history of both the client and merchant.

Although iDebit tracks the transaction history of both clients and merchants, it does not store any of the information on its servers since it deals with personal and bank information, especially of its users.

When making online transactions using iDebit, especially deposits to online casinos, you do not necessarily need to create an account.

All you need to do is initiate the deposit to the site of your choice. Cashing out or withdrawing funds on the hand, will require you to set up an account so that you will be able to transfer the funds to your personal bank account.

Opening an iDebit Account

Using iDebit is absolutely hassle free and players do not require an account to make deposits to an online casino.

To do this you should select the option of using this service as a guest and go ahead to use this payment method.

When it comes to withdrawals, however, you are required to have an account.

To create one, head over to the official iDebit site and click on the ‘create account’ button.

A form will appear where you need to input information such as your name, date of birth and email address.

You will be required to provide a password that you will require to sign into your account later.

You will use this same password and the username you will have provided to link this service to your personal bank account.

This payment service is acceptable to all major banks in Canada.

One important thing to note is that you have to be 18 years old in order to use this service.

Using iDebit in Canada

iDebit has particularly become a popular method of making online casino transactions in Canada.

One of the factors that have increased its popularity is the diversity of currencies including Canadian Dollars.

What’s more, all major banks in Canada support the use of this payment service.

This means that you can use this method of payment to make any online casino transactions, especially at iDebit casinos.

Deposits at online casinos take absolutely no time and immediately you complete the transaction, your casino account is credited almost immediately.

Withdrawals straight to Canadian banks on the other may take a while depending on how fast the bank processes the transaction.

Fees and Limits

The fees and limits associated with an iDebit account depend on the type of transaction you would like to make.

The highest fee it charges is $2 and this is charged when transferring funds into your bank account using this service.

It is free to send funds from your account balance and the same applies to withdrawing money from a merchant straight to your account and this also applies to any iDebit casino.

When it comes to limits, it depends mostly on the limits your bank has set on, say, daily transactions.

Some online casinos have also set limits on how much you can transact at once and this also affects iDebit directly.

One important thing to note is that you cannot split any payments you may want to make between different bank accounts for a single transaction.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using iDebit

One major advantage of using iDebit is that it deals directly with your bank thus your banking information stays with your bank, making this mode of online payment extremely safe and secure.

In addition, it does not store any information, therefore, third parties cannot have access to this information.

Still, on the issue of security, this payment method does not involve the use of credit or debit cards hence, both your credit and debit card details remain safe.

When it comes to transmitting your information, iDebit uses 128-bit end to end encryption thus protecting players from fraud.

This method of online payment transfers funds in a matter of seconds making the transaction instant thus occurring in real time.

The fees associated with this form of payment are minimal and only apply when transferring money to and from your personal bank account.

Registration on iDebit Canada is completely optional and players can make transactions without having to create an account for those quick transactions.

Creating an account, however, takes absolutely no time and you will not spend any a single second more that 5 minutes setting up an account.

This method of payment can also be used as a medium to deposit funds back into your bank account for a small fee so as to avoid giving out your banking information.

This gives casino players the ability to collect their winnings directly.

One major drawback that comes along with the use of this form of payment is that it is not available in all countries across the globe.

This means that players in these countries have to use other means of payment that are ultimately less efficient than iDebit.

  • No registration required to make a transaction
  • 128-Bit encryption to keep your information safe
  • Low fees and high limits for transactions
  • Not available in most countries across the globe

A Brief Review of iDebit as a Banking Method

Generally, the use of iDebit as a means of online payment is safe, quick and efficient.

When it comes to casino deposits, the transaction is almost instantaneous and the change is reflected in your casino account as soon as you make the transaction.

This service is available in select countries, Canada being one of them, but it would be great if they expanded their reach across the globe.

In a nutshell, iDebit has a lot going for it and it would be a huge advantage if more if not all casinos accepted it as a method of making online transactions.

As an example you can use iDebit to play at Cashmio.

iDebit FAQ

How can you describe iDebit?

iDebit is a safe and secure online payment method for mobile devices that connects the bank of the client to a merchant online.

This form of payment enables you to make transactions such as making casino deposits and withdrawals through online banking.

On top of that, it keeps your personal and bank information safe throughout the whole process.

How does iDebit work?

iDebit enables you to make online payments directly from your personal bank account.

Once you sign up for an account, use the same username and password to log into your bank and access online banking so as to approve the online transaction.

Your banking information and data stays secure and is not shared with any third parties including the merchant.

Can anyone use iDebit?

In order to use iDebit, first and foremost, you have to above the age of 18.

A personal bank account with the option of online banking available is also required so as to link it to your iDebit account.

Last but not least, you need to be a resident of one of the countries that iDebit runs its operations in.

Also various deposit bonus offers can be used with iDebit.

Are any fees that are associated with the use of iDebit?

Yes. There are fees that are associated with the use of iDebit. They vary, however, with the type of service you require.

Both creating a new account and Transferring funds from Merchant to iDebit balance are free.

Making a payment from an online bank is $1 and transferring funds from your iDebit account to your bank account will cost you $2.

Can I make casino transactions using iDebit?

Online casino transactions like depositing are deducted directly from your iDebit account.

This only applies if there are sufficient funds in your iDebit account to cover the entire amount of the online transaction.

Withdrawals, on the other hand, depend on whether the casino in question supports withdrawals directly to iDebit.

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