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Entropay Casino Bank Guide for Canadians

Entropay Payments LogoFounders of Ixaris Systems Ltd, a company based on the creation and operation of transaction-based financial services, saw the need for an electronic payment solution that would give everyone the world over the ability to make online transactions wherever they are and regardless their credit-worthiness. This gave birth to Entropay, a convenient and secure method for making Visa or MasterCard® transactions online or over the phone. Payments made using this service are accepted by millions of merchants worldwide and this includes online casinos. Therefore, Entropay casino deposits are not only quick but secure as well. The use of this payment service is also authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 for the provision of payment services.

  • Transaction data and private information are in safe hands
  • Instant real time online transactions
  • Works with most international currencies

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Using Entropay for Online Casinos

Entropay is especially simple to use and is popular among online casinos. The Visa powered account makes it easy for the online casinos to process player payments, whether deposits or withdrawals. Entropay found its popularity because most players found its quick deposits and withdrawals appealing. A prepaid account allows you to play casino games and claim rewards as well. What’s more, you can use this service to pay for any online games offered by casinos that you may fancy for real money. All you have to do is make a deposit to your account, claim any bonus that the online casinos may have on offer and go ahead and enjoy your favorite games.

Most of the online casinos that exist on the internet nowadays offer a fully functional mobile platform as well. These platforms are designed in such a way that will enable you to make Entropay mobile deposits, payments and withdrawals as well. Using this form of payment for an online casino is limited to three currencies which are the Sterling Pound, USD, and Euro. Most casinos, however, work with these three currencies so currency conversion won’t be that much of a hassle. Players from countries that do not use any of the three currencies listed, have to convert their current currency to any of the three so as to load the Entropay prepaid card with money.

Opening an Entropay Account

Setting up an Entropay account is rather easy and straightforward and will take you no more than 10 minutes. The first step is to head over to Entropay’s official website and hit the ‘get started now’ button. A registration form will appear and you will have to fill in information such as your name, your date of birth, the country in which you reside and the currency you would like to use to make payments in. Once you finish filling in the registration form, hit the ‘get your card’ button. A list of deposit methods will then appear. Choose a deposit method that is most convenient for you and top up your virtual Entropay card! The service charges a 3.95% fee for bank transfers and the process is complete within 2-3 business days. Once done with the whole process, head over to your favorite online casino, set up your card and play away!

Using Entropay in Canada

The use of the Entropay prepaid card has been widely accepted in countries all around the world and this includes Canada. This payment method is widely used in Canada especially in Entropay casinos and in instances where the casinos reject the cards the players may have. Entropay has created over 6,045,000 virtual cards worldwide and has seen over $1,827,518,000 loaded into these cards. Looking at these statistics, the use of the virtual card is very popular and having a large percentage of gamers, Canada is definitely one of the countries at the top of the country with most users’ list.

Fees and Limits

Entropay fees are rather fair and it has every single one of their users in mind. Card delivery upon request and registration is free. The same applies for online purchase including casino deposits. An online balance check is free too. Card to card transfer on the service charges a fee of $0.20. Purchases from merchants that bill a currency other than the one that your card is registered in require a fixed foreign exchange rate of 2%. Loading the card using credit or debit cards deducts a 4.95% commission of the deposited funds. Deposits from a personal bank account straight to the card charges a 3.95% commission. The card has a minimum transaction value of $20 and a maximum transaction value of $2,000. The monthly transaction limit of Entropay is $20,000. The maximum balance allowed at a time is $7,000.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Entropay

Entropay offers its users a number of benefits. One of the advantages of this mode of payment is that it allows players to make deposits into any online casino instantly. The payment is real time and once you make a payment, it is reflected immediately in both the card and casino portals. It provides a choice of three currencies to use which are GBP, EUR, and USD. Also, it provides anonymity preventing credit or debit card fraud, assuring its safety and security. The card’s ease to obtain is another advantage. All that is required of you is your time, and within no time, you have an account. The Entropay Virtual Visa is a debit card thus reducing the risk of overspending and taking debts as seen in the case of using a credit card. The fees limit also reduces the risk of spending too much.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using Entropay is the steep fees that are charged. Although casino deposits are normally free of charge, a commission of 4.95% is charged to load the virtual visa card with cash via either debit or credit card. A service fee commission of 3.95% is charged when loading the card via wired bank transfer. For withdrawals, which is under the funding third parties section, in this case, the online casino, a percentage fee commission of 1.95% is charged. Although the limit on the cards can be seen as an advantage or benefit, it can be a drawback to some. High rollers who tend to make large bets in online casinos tend to be at a loss since they are limited to the amount of money they can transact with the card every month. They are also limited to the amount of money they can have on the card at a time.

  • Quick and real time online payments
  • A simple, safe and secure payment method
  • Steep and unnecessary transaction fees
  • Account limits are rather low especially for high rollers

A Short Review of Using Entropay

Entropay is a great online payment method, especially for those players that face certain problems such as government restrictions and those who have cards that are not accepted by online gambling sites. Using Entropay is not only easy, it is safe and secure. Making deposits into the card is easy and you can do it using your credit card, debit card or even direct bank transfer. The security comes in where you don’t have to give out your card information, that is, the card number and the CVV number. In a nutshell, it is a great method for making online purchases, including online casino deposits.

Entropay FAQ

What is Visa Entropay?

Entropay is an online virtual Visa card that is both a convenient and secure method for making Visa or MasterCard® transactions online or over the phone. Payments made using this service are accepted by millions of merchants worldwide and this includes online casinos. Therefore, Entropay casino deposits are not only quick but secure as well.

How can I get an Entropay account?

Acquiring an Entropay account is a rather easy process. All you have to do is head over to the Entropay official website which is and click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button. Follow the instructions illustrated on the site, fill out the registration form and voila, you have an account!

Are bank transfers to Entropay instant?

No, bank transfers to an Entropay may vary in the number of days taken to process the transaction according to the bank you use. Since the money is coming out of your account, the bank has to be extra careful and make sure that the transaction is legitimate and not fraudulent. The process, however, will not take more than 7 days.

Can I add a new source of funding to my account?

Yes. All you have to do is log into your Entropay online account. While in the portal, head over to the top and click on the funding sources tab. Click on the add new source button and follow the instructions on how to add a new funding source to your account.

Are there any limits set on the card?

Yes. Due to security reasons, especially criminal activities such as money laundering, Entropay has set limits. The funding transaction value is $2,000 per single transaction and $20,000 for monthly funding transaction. The maximum balance you can have on your card is $7,000. The same applies to withdrawals and the maximum withdrawal transaction value is $10,000 and the monthly limit is $20,000.

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