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Amex Casino Bank Guide for Canadians

It may be true that Amex is not yet a widespread mode of payment but one thing is for sure, it is flexible with a deal of great rewards, depthless in that it does not have a prior set spending limit and not to mention the fantastic service this bank offers. There may be other competing credit cards and banks alike but American Express has proven to be unparalleled so, set with this chunk of information, it comes as no surprise really that more and more people want to use Amex from household purchases, shopping and even online Amex casinos.

Using Amex for Online Casinos

American Express is a method most efficient. Many Canadians who use Amex can attest to the reliability and security of this method. It may be a common occurrence for Amex customers to make an extra effort in seeking out these services specifically and because of this, many institutions are starting to incorporate American express as a method of payment. Online casinos that accept Amex have a loyal American Express clientele since only a few casinos have embraced it but this has caused a chain reaction and now more and more casinos are opting to improve their customer experience and net more people by providing American Express card services.

At this point you may be wondering, ‘Why are people gravitating towards Amex services?’ Well, there are plenty reasons why more and more people are choosing this bank service everyday. American Express puts transaction security, your information security and privacy first. Only the best encryptions have been put in place to eliminate any threats and protect you from information leaks. Speaking of transactions, did you know you can have one of the fastest transaction experience through Amex, all the while being assured of immediate update on your account and all the necessary information feedback. Amex casinos provide an easy online gambling experience while at the same time taking care of those who haven’t tried online gaming by giving reward points on membership and transactions which can be redeemed as per the terms and conditions.

Getting a prepaid Amex card

Getting started with American Express has been simplified to the basics. All you need to do is go to the American Express website, create an account by filling in all the necessary details and paying the required fees (don’t worry, everything is secured and explained in detail) and make a deposit. You could also do it via mobile banking systems offered on mobile phone by downloading the Amex application and getting started on the road to being an American Express card holder. It’s even better now that you can synchronise your account with electronic accounts like Skrill which means you won’t be left out of the party train when visiting online gaming sites that are yet to use American Express, while at the same time reaping all the bonuses that it offers like the Amex gift card casino options. Not to mention the ability to sync your gaming account with your account and getting all the participating bonuses! Don’t miss out.

Using Amex in Canada

Amex casinos are increasing day by day due to the wide range of demand and its loyal, unmoving clientele in Canada. As of this time it has gathered quite the crowd of customers and its popularity continues to grow with the Canadians since its services are like no other. There are absolutely no special requirements or bias since this company believes in equality. Amex is a intercontinental financial bank figure which was founded in the year 1890 and it promotes honesty and unity. It is easy to join, easy to use and its customer care and staff are well trained and helpful.

Fees and Limits

American Express has some important fee guidelines to be noted. If registering for the card online, no charges will be administered otherwise, a set amount will be charged. There are also monthly fee charges depending on the amount deposited directly. This can be a big win for the Amex casinos out there. Amex also has a cash back policy on the pre paid account which rounds 1% to the dollar of any purchases but it is important to note that it cannot be redeemed for cash. This also has specific guidelines it follows. On foreign transaction fees, if a purchase is made in a currency different from the US dollar, one will have to incur a 2.7% transaction levied after converting it to US dollars. On limits, Amex reserves the right to put limits or modify them to accounts at their discretion.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Amex

It is easy to find online casinos that accept Amex since there are lists of highly rated and recommended Amex accepted casinos. American Express also offers amazingly speedy transactions which are very fulfilling to the online gamer plus all the rewards for membership and usage, not to mention all the measures taken to maintain a highly secure environment and safe avenue for money transfer and information keeping. American Express also protects you from transactions that are not authorised by you through its intricate security encryptions. This does not mean its challenging and complicated, on the contrary they have completely simplified the user experience while at the same time keeping you protected. The American Express casinos rarely charge fees when making an online deposit but just to be sure, always check that the online casino does not charge for this.

The American Express has many more advantages like there are no pre-existing spending limitations, they offer great cash back packages better than most companies offer since they charge a higher discount compared to other service givers. Since every good had a bad, a few drawbacks of Amex include the basic nature of their best rewards. Though they offer a number of rewards, the best option is the cash reward redeemed since the other types of rewards may not accumulate as fast depending on one’s activities. It is therefore advisable to consider one’s needs and choose a relevant type of card that suits your preferences best. They also offer the mobile casino Amex through their application but this might be limiting to those without the smartphones or access to the app since it is not yet as widely accepted as other competitors.

American Express, a trusted and preferred mode of money transfer.

American express is a highly preferred plastic card method of money transfer and it is most favoured because of its unlimited spending account. Amex is also popular because of its amazing discount rates, unparalleled rewards and the programs they offer on the same, their professional personnel and commendable customer service. Positive and encouraging feedback from customers is a huge vote of confidence mostly with their cash back policy which varies with the card one possesses. Amex also offer complementary services which most people take into consideration. their annual fees are also quite catchy but here are conditions associated with this particular feature.

Amex FAQ

How secure is Amex when it comes to online money transfer?

American Express has taken great care and gone to great lengths to make sure that your transactions are secure from any possible fraud or theft. Amex also recognises the importance of privacy and information safety so they have also put in place the best security encryptions to protect your details and give you a stress free banking experience.

Does Amex provide quick transaction times?

The transaction speed that American Express offers is commendable to say the least. Its quick response time gives one the confidence needed to invest in it and use it even for online transactions and game payments since it keeps its customers informed on any activity concerning their accounts. This kind of transparency important in build trust in the company.

How does one start off with Amex?

the best way to start off with Amex is to open an account either online or by visiting their offices but before you do this you must first go through the different card packages they offer and understand the package that suits you best. After applying for the most suitable package you can sync it easily to your gaming accounts and have a secure online experience.

Compared to other well known companies, how good is Amex?

One of Amex’ greatest competitors is the well known Mastercard but even they can’t beat the great user experience that Amex offers. American Express excels in the quick transaction times its customer service is also excellent. They also offer great discount rates which are unparalleled thus far. Their annual rates are also worth checking out.

Are there any spending restrictions when using Amex?

One of the most enticing features is the limitless account that comes with their packages. American Express does not have a set limit of usage but they encourage monthly pay ups so as not to accumulate too much account credit. They also don’t restrict online gambling or flag customers for setting up the gambling accounts.

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