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Learn More about 5 Stunning Abandoned Casinos Across the World

Humans have engaged in gambling for a long time. Players have been entertaining themselves in different places such as Flamingo (Las Vegas), Casino Lisboa (Macau), and Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco) for many years. Unfortunately, some casinos have been abandoned for different reasons. We’ve created a list of 5 amazing abandoned casinos.

Casino de Consonno in Italy

This casino is found in Milan’s hilly region and reminds us that things don’t always go as expected. A rich man known as Count Mario wanted to build his own Las Vegas by destroying everything except a church. However, he decided to abandon the project when things went wrong.

Asbury Park Casino in New Jersey

The once famous tourist destination turned into a collapsing steel structure near the Atlantic Ocean because it was unable to withstand the rapid development of the area. Nevertheless, the government has worked hard to renovate the seaside casino.

Penthouse Adriatic Club Casino in the Island of Krk, Croatia

Bob Guccione opened this casino in 1972 and it instantly became one of the best tourist destinations in the area. However, it seems Guccione had made a bad decision when the region was experiencing economic challenges. His investment was worth 25 million dollars, but he had to abandon it.

Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino in Kampot, Cambodia

In the 1920s, French colonialists built numerous establishments in Cambodia including this casino. However, a number of factors led to the downfall of the casino including the Khmer Rouge.

Casino Constanta in Constant, Romania

This abandoned casino is located near the Black Sea and its spectacular design and golden walls were great tourist attractions in the twentieth century. However, it turned into a place for nursing civilians and soldiers during the Second World War and ended up being abandoned.

These abandoned casinos remind us of the effects of bad decisions, war, and urbanization. However, gambling will not end anytime soon because new casinos emerge every year.

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