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Land-Based Casinos Make More Money Using These 5 Tricks

Nothing can be compared to the glaring lights, happy winners, and free alcoholic drinks available at brick-and-mortar casinos. However, these casinos use certain tricks to keep everybody playing and make more money. Let’s see what they do to make you go home almost empty-handed.

Free Alcohol and Cocktail

Players love cold drinks such as beers and cocktails. It feels good to play at a casino while enjoying free drinks, but alcoholic drinks increase your chances of losing. You’ll start feeling tipsy after a few glasses of whiskey and end up making bad decisions. Casinos love tipsy gamblers!

No Clocks

Thrilling games make time fly faster than usual and that’s why brick-and-mortar casinos remove clocks from the walls. You can easily tell the time when using a computer at home, but it’s hard to check your phone when playing at a land-based casino.

Paper Vouchers and Tokens

Modern brick-and-mortar casinos ask players to trade their money for vouchers and tokens in order to play blackjack, video poker, and slots. Although vouchers and tokens seem to be convenient, casinos use them to make players forget that those papers and chips represent real money.

Good-Looking Staff

The person who brings you drinks is most likely to be a very beautiful young lady wearing a revealing bra. Many gamblers love it and land-based casinos use this trick to cause distractions.

Windowless Walls

People want to see the sky through their office windows once in a while. However, casinos keep you busy by making sure there are no windows. They make it difficult to tell the time and that is why you’ll keep on playing.

In sum, you can have fun playing at your favorite land-based casinos, but you should know that these casinos use some tricks to make you spend more money.

Have you ever noticed any of the aforementioned tricks? Kindly share your views with us.

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