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Video Poker – Learn how to play

Video Poker is an exciting new variation of slot gaming that merges the ease associated with slots with poker gaming fun. The game just needs you to be familiar with the hands dealt in poker and you are ready to win big! The game is relatively young as compared to the slot machines and poker game from which it stemmed in the 70’s but is way more fun! It is not as graphically invested as ordinary slot machines but bears the natural intensity of a poker game. Video poker games are interactive and let you choose your destiny, in that, using your knowledge of poker hands, you just have to pick the best hand and watch the winning begin.

How To Play Video Poker And Get Bonuses

In Video Poker you are dealt five cards. You get to choose which card stays by selecting the pictures of cards on the screen if you’re playing video poker online or on pressing buttons on the console itself if you’re gaming in-field. You then hit the draw button and have the buttons you dropped get replaced. If you happen to land a traditional poker hand such as a Royal Flush, a Straight Flush, 4 of a kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, 3 of a kind, 2 pair or Jacks or Better, then your money multiplication journey has just begun. The game is a wonderful alternative to video slots since you have a chance at the jackpot and video poker odds making your likelihood of attaining it 5 times higher!

The amount of money you win with every hand you play in Video Poker is dependent on the paytable of the machine you’re playing. The Video Poker paytable usually has five columns because how much you win is also dependent on the number of coins you played. You could usually play any number of coins between 1 and 5 but it is advised that you always place your video poker bets at max because when you do win the royal flush you’re rewarded a bonus amount. If you can’t afford to play with the maximum 5 coins, switch to a machine with lower denominations- you can’t afford to miss out!

Playing video poker is rather easy, especially if you have played traditional table poker. However, it is as easy to learn too for new players. First you need to wager after which you are given five virtual cards. After this, examine your hand decide which cards you will retain. You are at liberty to keep all of them, some of them or even none of them. This is achieved by clicking on the button that is correspondent to each card on the screen. After you have selected the game will automatically discard the rest and provide replacements. The computer then determines the value of the players’s hand and pays out in that accordance.

  • The game uses basic table poker hands with five starter cards.
  • On receiving the cards after a wager, examine your hand.
  • Click on the buttons after deciding which cards to retain and which to discard.
  • If your hand is similar to any of the poker hands, that qualify, you get the prize that corresponds to them.

Video Poker Rules

Video Poker rules are rather outright and clear. Most of the rules describe how the game is played. In online casinos, it is possible for you to play multi-handed Video Poker. The rules for muti-handed poker are similar to the traditional poker. The only difference is that here you pick multiple hands. They range from 10, 20, 30 up to 50 hands. You have to bet the same amount on these hands. If you play the 50-handed poker all the initial hands will be identical. The rules require you to decide what you will retain and discard the rest. Having followed the rules and the Video Poker bets in mind, the computer replaces the cards and hands that match qualifying combinations win. You can lose on some hands and win on other hands the outcome purely depends on the qualifying hands. Video Poker regulations amount to just that, it is one of the simplest slot games.

Video Poker Strategies

The machine you choose to play on determines the strength of your hand. Various Video Poker games have different payout tables. It is important to give attention to the traditional hand rankings since they determine the payout. Different variations of the game have different features like jokers and wild cards that bear their share of benefit. A key strategy prior to playing the game is to study the payout table and deciding how you will approach and play the game. Video Poker strategy is highly dependent on the variation with each having a distinct strategy to it. The main video Poker variations are Joker Poper and Deuces Wild.

If you are playing Joker Poker, your target is to get frequent payment. When big scores are in question only partake small risks. If you have three or four to a royal flush or four to a straight, you should draw to it. If you lack all there hold on to any cards Jacks. When playing Deuces Wild, it is impossible to hold four deuces so in such an instance hold all cards. With three Deuces retain the cards but only if you have a royal flush. If you lack a deuce maintain at paying hands. The Video poker strategies are endless and only continuous trials can help a player internalise the strategies.

  • Choose a proper payout machine.
  • Analytically study the payout tables
  • Choose a variation that is favored by the above factors

Different Types of Video Poker

The most popular Video Poker is Jacks or Better poker, it is advisable for any player new to poker. You earn a payout through a jack or better. Deuces wild poker is interesting and very involving. If you are looking for a lot of fun this is the variation to use, though the payouts are not as high on this one. Aces and Faces poker is a variation sourced from Jacks and Better but the difference is that it has a higher payout for outcomes bearing faces and aces.If you like wild cards then Joker Poker is the variation for you. The game also includes the joker like suggested in the name as a wild card. Tens or better poker has the easiest ways for a player to win but due to this reason payouts are less in response to the high winning chances. Video poker constitutes of the above variations accommodating any need of a player.

Tips and tricks for Video Poker beginners

If you are new to Video Poker it is highly advisable for you to engage in many free plays before you place any money on it. Learn the machines, how the operate, the upper hand a player could attain over the house which is rare but very possible in this game. Discover how the game is played, understand all variations before you attempt a money game. When you start to play, begin with the Jack or Better variation which is recommended as new player friendly. Start with small investments when playing the game and sharpen your skills before making major deals that may lead to great losses on your side.


Glossary Terms in Video Poker

  • Cycle – combination of hands required to make a card come up.
  • Catching cards – to get good cards.
  • Complete hand – a hand that can combine all cards and use them.
  • Action – sum up of the wagered money.
  • Bet max – the upper limit to bet placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to play the game with real money?

Video Poker is absolutely safe game to place money on. Although the assured safety depends on if you have done enough trials and learnt how to play the game with an internal comprehension of when, why and how a strategy will apply. In such a scenario placing money is definite to give earn you wins.

Does the game involve bonuses and jackpots?

Video Poker has numerous bonuses and jackpots at your disposal. A player who takes heed of the rules and strategies can reap so much out of bets in the game. Some of the variations include multiple bonuses which simplified is your money in multiples. Learn the game well and begin to dig it the bonus and jackpot features.

How high are my odds of winning?

Video Poker has been proven as one of the few games where a player with mastery of the game has the chance to gain favour over the house. You can examine the odds of winning using payout tables depending on the variation you want to play and choose a game with higher odds of you winning. It’s all in the understanding of the game – Your Casino game solution

End your worries on how to play Video Poker on This and any other game you have always wanted to play are well reviewed in detailed posts on the site. Equip yourself with all the knowledge and skill you require. Have a learning experience and study your way to being a gaming champion.