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Sic Bo – Learn how to play

Sic Bo is a board game that has its origins in South East of Asia. The games name basically means precious dice it is also known by various names which include big and small, dai siu and tai sai. Sic Bo is an unequal game of chance that is played by rolling three dice at the same time. The game has various forms such as chuck-a-luck and hazard. This game has become very popular in casinos around the world because of its entertainment quality, Sic Bo strategy will leave you at the edge of your seat every time you play a turn.

How To Play Sic Bo Like A Pro

Sic Bo is very easy to understand and play. The first step is checking your betting limits for the table. These betting limits range from big 11 to 17 and small 4 to 10. These bet limits have different payouts for example if you bet 4 your odds is 50 to 1 while if you bet 11 your odds will be 6 to 1. Once you have checked your Sic Bo bets limit, buy your chips, place your bet and wait for the dice to be rolled and displayed. If you are very lucky to win then collect your winnings.

Sic Bo is a casino board game that is usually played using three dice and a shaker. The game gives players a fifty/ fifty chance to win between the big and small numbers. Sic Bo odds and bets are normally considered to be similar to the game of craps but it requires less strategy and almost every roll of the dice will guarantee the player a win. Sic Bo is one of those games that a player can end up winning on the first try because it is based entirely on luck. It is perfect for those who have played craps and roulette. It is also a very attractive board game to look at.

A land based Sic Bo table is quite attractive because it is made up of some very bold colours such as red and yellow in true Chinese tradition. It also consists of a black and white rectangular betting area that comprises of plastic and glass. When playing the game players usually make their bets by putting chips on numbers of their choice, the sections the bets are placed on will light up when the round is done to show the winning numbers. The losing bets in the game are normally collected from the unlit sections of this betting layout. This table also contains a board listing the tables bet limits, the three dice, a player shaker and a rack for the dealers’ chips.

  • Checking your betting Limits at the table
  • Buy your playing chips for the game
  • Place a bet that you are comfortable with
  • Dice is shaken and rolled and if you win you can collect your winnings.

The Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo has some very basic rules, the betting options are dependent on the variations a player can achieve with the three dice. The player must also ensure that all his bets are in place before the dice can be shaken and rolled by the dealer. The winning numbers that the dice land on will light up the table, the game will end when the dealer removes the lost bets from the table and issues payouts to the winners. Other Sic Bo rules that may be technical in nature are those that revolve around sic Bo bets and odds. An example f a betting option in Sic Bo includes the one of a kind where if the number of your choice comes up on one of the dice you will be paid even, 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 if you get your chosen number on all three dice.

Sic Bo Strategies

Sic Bo gives players lots of options to win big. Like every other game, however, there are several strategies to the game that could ensure that you maximise your winning potential. The main strategy in this game is always being on your defence which basically translates to a player being patient in order to manage and maintain a decent cash flow. It also helps you to stay in the game longer. The trick to Sic Bo Strategy is to focus on small and big bets plus combination bets which will guarantee you consistent payouts. It is also important to consult a Sic Bo guide in order to study other popular strategies.

Sic Bo offers different strategies for all types of players. These strategies include the high roller strategy, the balanced strategy, the lower risk strategy and the defence strategy. The lower risk strategy is especially useful for those players who are new to the game. It helps beginners and more cautious players reduce their potential losses as they get to understand the goings on in the game. Once you master the lower end strategy and have a better understanding of this dice board game then you are ready to move on to the balanced strategy and make bigger wins. Here a player learns how to bet on a particular total and combine it with a double bet and ensures that the chosen doubles will win when the total loss. The high roller Strategy is about winning numerous bets for the same result and is preferred by seasoned players of the game.

  • The Low risk strategy is cautious and helps you learn the game
  • Choose doubles that win even if your total does not with the balanced strategy
  • Win numerous bets for the same result with the high roller strategy

Different Types of Sic Bo

The most popular variants of Sic Bo in the world today are the Grand Hazard and the Chuck-a-luck. The Grand Hazard used to be played with two dice instead of the traditional three and has its origins in old England. The three dice in this game are thrown with a cup or a hazard chute which tumbles the dice as they land and fall. The payout in this version, if you are lucky, is landing on odds of 180 to 1. The Chuck-a-Luck version of Sic Bo is of American descent. The three dice in this version are kept in a sort of bird cage with a pivot, the dealer turns over the dice cage letting the dice fall. This game has single number bets as its trademark but players can sometimes make triple bets where all dices show the same number and win great odds of 30 to 1.

Tips and tricks for Sic Bo beginners

If you are a new player trying to join the Sic Bo craze then there are some few tips that would go a long way in helping you win and enjoy the game longer. The first and most important fact to understand is that this game does not conform to conventional betting systems and purely depends on your luck. It is also important that newbie players avoid making triple bets because they are very risky, the odds might look extraordinary about 180 to 1but when you lose it reduces your cash flow in a big way. Finally, remember to bet on small or big because these bets pay on a ratio of 1 to 1 and have a small house edge which ensures you stay in the game longer and easily manage your money.


The Sic Bo Glossary

  • Strong Bet
  • Triple Bet
  • Tai Sai
  • Betting Table
  • Double Bet

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you apply any kind of strategy when playing Sic Bo?

It is important to realise that Sic Bo has always been considered as a game of chance and pure luck. Unlike other dice games such as craps where players employ various complex strategies, in this game, all you need to succeed is trust your luck. Play from your heart and fate will take care of the rest.

What is the range of payouts that are available in Sic Bo?

The range of payouts in Sic Bo is very wide and caters for all types of players, whether you are a cautious new player or an adrenaline driven high roller. The range of payouts will also vary from one casino to another. Choosing the right combinations will determine the kind of payout you walk away with.

Which is the best casino to play and Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a very visually attractive game that promises a lot of fun to many casino regulars. The game may not be as popular as roulette and blackjack but it has begun to attract a huge player base. It can be found in almost all popular and reputed casinos visit for more information. has the best reviews for casino games

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