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Bonus Poker – How to Play

Welcome to Bonus Poker games, a video slot, where you can win incredible payouts with just a few ins and outs rules of the game. The bonus poker machine will give enticing and generous quirks that will unbelievably reduce the casino’s edge by a significant margin. Coming under different titles this video game is ideal for both high and low rollers for its popularity in major casinos or player’s mobile casino devices is unquestionable. With variations that are slightly different, players that are familiar with Better and Jack poker strategies will find it extremely easy and understandable to record a win.

How To Play Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker online is basically a jack and better video poker that is played using a deck of 52 cards. The bonus poker approach is the popular heads up meaning that every player is set to compete against the casino dealer and the best poker hand shall constitute a generous win. Both the player and the dealer are dealt with 2 cards and an addition of 5 community cards. All cards are used to create hand which could eventually constitute a win. In case of a multi-hand game in the poker machine, the machine shall deal every player with the given five cards same number of cards as rule demands

Once the player activates the game mode of the Bonus Poker on the machine he will have the betting feature availed to him. He shall be given five cards from the bonus poker standard deck. Out these 5 cards, some may resemble in terms of symbols and values attached to them. The player may or may not hold a number of cards. If he chooses to hold some he shall have to discard the unheld ones and replace them with new cards from the deck. With such a gameplay all other players on bonus poker online machine shall have to receive new cards independently but the number of cards held must remain the same.

The minimum hands that constitute a win are usually dependent on the variant of the bonus poker game that one will be playing. Whether playing ‘Double Double’ bonus version or the full pay Jacks or Better version, it is the luckier combination of a pair of jacks that shall constitute a win.The payouts will be on a promising upward trend as long as the hand keeps on getting stronger. An Important feature of this poker game is the fact that a player’s initial bet is considered a loss and hence shall not expect the win to be inclusive of the amount staked.

  • The payout is based on the pay table presented.
  • Only one deck of 52 cards is used in the game.
  • Reshuffling of cards is done on hand.
  • The player has the option of discarding up to five cards.

Bonus Poker Rules

Bonus Poker has several rules that are considered important in order to have a fun and exciting experience to attract more players with huge amounts to bet on. the rules begin from the value of the cards at hand once the video displays the five cards. the player is required to analyse and identify series of cards that can earn him or her the best payout. Therefore, it is important for the players to know with cards offers the highest pay and the lowest pay. In Bonus Poker, consideration is given to the four of a kind hand since it earns bonus’ unlike other video poker games. Bonus Poker casino usually uses the 8/5 payout system which gives a return of 99.71%. Depending on the Bonus Poker bets placed and the value of the card at hand, players do win a lot of money. the rules include the ranks given at hand. The first and highest paying hand is the Royal Flush. in a normal 8/5 payout system, it pays at 800 to 1 only if the player has placed a maximum bet of 5 coins. the total payout when one gets this is 4000 coins jackpot. How great is that!!. The second hand is the Straight Flush having a payout of 50 to 1 regardless of whether a maximum bet has been placed or not. Four of a kind – Aces is the next paid hand of 80 to 1. It is considered to be the highest paying four of a kind in this video poker game. Four of a kind of 2s, 3s and 4s has a payout of 40 to 1 and any other pays 25 to 1.

Bonus Poker Strategies

‘Double Double’ bonus poker strategy is arguably one of the best when it comes to bonus poker games. With the application of the optimal strategy, the casino’s edge will definitely be reduced significantly. This bonus poker rule suggests that a player who holds 4 aces will always choose to hold them or otherwise draw a premium kicker. However, like any other poker strategy, this rule comes with reservations. For instance, a player might be forced to break a winning hand in order to increase winning chances. As such a player can break his full house of 4 aces, hold the 3 and discard the paired one in the hope of drawing a fourth ace.

The 8/5 bonus poker strategy will also enable a player to reduce the casino’s edge significantly. Any player wishing to stake his coins on any poker machine should, therefore, familiarize himself with guidelines that come with this strategy. Based on theoretical return to the hand of 99.17 % and mathematical probability this strategy suggests that a player should look up all viable ways to play a hand and go with the one listed first. This way if a play is not listed, it means there is always a better alternative to it and as such any keen player should drop it.

  • ‘Double Double’ bonus strategy, a player who holds 4 aces will always choose to hold them.
  • The 8/5 optimal bonus poker strategy
  • 99.71 % Return to a player’s hand

Different Types of Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker and Double Double Bonus Poker have become much more popular. The double bonus video poker rules are basically the same, except the paytable will place an even higher value on those ‘special hands’. Special hands can include 4 aces, four of a kind with a King as the five card. Again, the paytable will decide if the machine is worth playing as you have to be careful to read the paytable properly in order to pick the right machine. Double Double Bonus video poker is slightly more intricate, with the possible combinations and higher payouts for those specific combinations. These usually include the likes of four aces with a two, three or four as the extra fifth card, three or four of a kind with an Ace as one of the extra cards. That’s all the bonus mobile video poker we promise. If anyone creates a double double double bonus bonus bonus game we will be the first to complain.

Tips And Tricks For Bonus Poker Beginners

Bonus Poker To use this strategy, simply read from the top down until you find a hand or set of cards that you can keep. Hold on to those cards, discarding the rest. For the purposes of this list, a “high card” means any jack or higher. Here’s the list in full: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, or Three of a Kind Four Cards to a Royal Flush Flush or Straight Four Cards to a Straight Flush Two Pair Pair of Jacks or Higher Three Cards to a Royal Flush Four Cards to a Flush Any Pair Four Cards to an Open-Ended Straight Two High Cards (Same Suit) Three Cards to a Straight Flush Two High Cards (Different Suits) Face Card and a Ten of the Same Suit One High Card If you do not have anything on this list, discard all cards and hope for a winning hand on the redraw. By the way, this strategy is also reasonably good for some other machines, such as Aces and Faces, Bonus Deluxe, and (to a lesser extent) Double Bonus games.


Glossary: Explanations

  • Double double strategy- suggests that a player should hold 4 aces he will always choose to hold them.
  • Full pay- The highest paying variant of the game
  • 8/5 bonus poker- A player looks at all the available hands and goes with the one listed first
  • Short pay- bonus poker with lowest pay back percentage
  • Jacks or Better- The most common variant of the bonus poker game

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Variations Of The Bonus Poker?

Like many other online video games, bonus poker comes with a number of variations that enable a player to have a wide variety to choose from. These variants include Jacks and Better( draw poker), Tens or better which is a variation of 6/5 jacks or better, Joker’s wild which is fully wild and easily substitutes to create winning combinations.

How Do I Earn Bonus In This Game?

Well, ever been looking for easy ways to achieve a bonus feature. With Bonus Poker as the name suggests one can get bonus round depending on the version he plays. Under double bonus game, the bonus payouts are solely based on the ranking of the four of a kind while under ‘double double’ version bonus payout are more complex for different hands come with different theoretical returns to a player.

Where Can I Play The Poker Bonus Game?

If you are that online casino games enthusiast, then worry no more for the bonus poker is a game that is easily compatible with mobile devices or even desktops. Whether windows, android or even iOS device, turn on your browser and easily access this game on your smartphone, iPad or even a laptop.

Play The Amazing Bonus Poker On!

For online casino game lovers, one question that concerns them is the site to get the most up to date Bonus Poker. Cut above the rest is site. Easily compatible with mobile devices and desktops one should turn on his browser and record crazy wins on easily navigated rules.