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Bingo – Learn how to play

Bingo a form of lottery that has taken the online route now has some real history. Different Bingo games are a direct scion of Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia, the national lottery of Italy. After the unification of Italy in 1530, Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia has been held without break on every Saturday. The game of Bingo as we know it today had many improvements over the years. It was influenced by the famous french Lotto, and then by a variation of the same known as Beano. Beano was played using beans as chips. Edwin S. Lowe a New York toy salesman gave the name as we know it now.

How To Play Bingo And How To Get Bonuses

Bingo is a number elimination game and is very simple to understand. You can play Bingo for fun or be serious about Bingo bets. Each player in the game has to purchase a ticket which ahs random numbers printed on it. The aim of the game is to strike out all the numbers on the purchased ticket. The best part is that you can buy more than one ticket, and this also increases your odds of winning. In the traditional game, the numbers are called out aloud and you have to strike out the numbers as they are called. In the online version, the computer marks the numbers instead of you having to do it by hand.

The Bingo ticket is a 5 X 5 grid layout. The columns have the five letters of the word Bingo. The centre of the card is empty while the 24 spaces are occupied by random numbers which range from 1 to 75. Bingo online also has the same kind of card layout, and the only difference is that the ticket is digital instead of physical. The caller then calls the numbers which are struck out. The win happens when one or more of the players have completed the winning pattern of numbers. The winning pattern differs from game to game and can be a vertical line, horizontal line or the diagonal.

A full house when all the numbers are covered brings the call “Bingo” from the player who has made it. nA full house i.e. when all numbers are covered on the ticket always wins and gets the highest payout. The distribution of numbers in columns are as follows: The “B” columns with numbers from 1 to 15, the “I” column with numbers from 16 to 30, the “N” column which has four numbers and the centre blank space having numbers ranging from 31 to 45, the “G” column ranging from 46 to 60 and the last “O” column having numbers ranging from 61 to 75.

  • The game is concerned with number elimination, and starts with purchase of the Bingo ticket.
  • The ticket is a card with 5 rows and five columns. The columns are marked with the name “BINGO”.
  • Random numbers ranging from 1 to 75 are placed on the ticket. The first column has random numbers from 1 to 15, the second 16-30, the third 31 to 45, fourth 46 to 60 and fifth 61 to 75.
  • The caller calls the numbers to be crossed off. The player who winning pattern gets the win.

Bingo Rules are simple and easy

Bingo rules are simple and vary very little with the game types. The game is about getting the Bingo pattern and win. Bingo casino is responsible for deciding the number patterns, and at one time more than 100 players may be playing a game. The most popular form of Bingo ticket is the 5 X 5 grid ticket with random numbers from 1 to 75 being placed on the ticket. The rule of placing the numbers is that random numbers selected from 1 to 15 are placed in the first column, 16 to 30 in the second column, 31 to 45 in the third column, 46 to 60 in the fourth column and 61 to 75 in the last column. The central grid which is the third column and the third-row intersection is marked as free. The first player to achieve the winning pattern of the game gets the jackpot.

Bingo Strategies

In Bingo the prize money is always fixed, and it is one of the casino games in which the lesser the number of players the better the odds of winning. So, the first Bingo strategy is to find a game with the least number of players whether playing in a physical casino or an online casino. To do this play in odd hours or on weekdays. Jeez, that is a winning strategy! The obvious strategy to increase winning odds is to buy a number of cards. Every Bingo guide will tell you that more the number of cards you have more you will win. But always make sure that all the cards in hand have a different pattern of random numbers.

The most important thing to win a Bingo game is to know the rules of the game. The rules are very simple, but to play the game better knowledge of rules is required. When playing online, always use the chatroom to know the outside prizes which are given in competition within the chatroom. Last but not the least, use strategy systems to increase the odds of winning. The most popular strategy system is the one invented by Joseph E.Granville. The system is really good and lets you choose the tickets which can improve your odds of winning. The strategy is to have an equal number of high and low numbers, equal number of odd and even numbers, and have the same amount of numbers ending with the nine digits (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and9).

  • Play against the least number of players. To do this choose odd hours and weekdays.
  • Pick as many cards as possible to increase the odds of winning. More the number of cards, more the probability of a win.
  • Use the Bingo strategy developed by Joseph E.Granville. The system is quite effective as it is based on a mathematical model.

Different Types of Bingo

There are many types of Bingo which are played all around the world. Some places they have odd names like “Thumbola”. However, there are three popular versions of the game. They are known as 90 balls, 80 balls and 75 balls Bingo. The main difference is in the layout of the ticket and the random numbers. 90 ball version has 3 rows of five numbers and has three rounds. In round one, the player to strike one horizontal line wins, in the second round the player with two horizontal line strikeouts wins and in the third round the player with full house wins. The 80 ball version has four rows and four columns on the tickets. The winning pattern differs as per the room of play. It can be a line (horizontal or vertical or diagonal) or the four corners or the full house. In the 75 ball version, the number of rows and columns are five and the winning pattern rules are as per the house.

Tips and tricks for Bingo beginners

Bingo is one casino game that can be played by all kinds of players. The beginners enjoy it as much as the seasoned players. The first tip for a beginner is to understand the simple rules of the game and be aware of the type of game he/she is playing. The second tip is to play against a lesser number of players and have the maximum number of tickets in hand to improve the odds of the game. Complex strategy systems should not be employed by new players. Instead, they should try out some of the free versions that are available in online casinos.


Glossary of terms

  • Admission pack – It is the minimum number of cards you need to purchase to enter the game.
  • The Bingo board – A flashy display board that displays the numbers that are called.
  • Anyway – A word used to describe that the pattern could be any way. For instance the pattern L Anyway means L could be upside down or turned 90 degrees or 180 degrees.
  • Bingo ticket – The card that has to purchased by the player with random numbers printed on it.
  • Coverall – The case when all the numbers on the Bingo card have been called. It is popularly called the Bingo jackpot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do online Bingo casinos offer free play?

Online Bingo Casinos always have free play option. But you need to register before you can enter the free play arena. The free play arena is called the beginner’s’ room and has all new players. Here you will get one-hour free play, and the offer is generally for two weeks.

How does the player win the Bingo jackpot?

The first condition to win the Bingo jackpot is to get the full house. Full house is achieved when all the numbers on your card are marked. The second condition is to achieve the full house in the specific number of ball calls. This depends on the casino and keeps on changing.

What happens when more than one player reaches jackpot

Bingo is one casino game where the jackpot does not get split. Every jackpot winner gets the full amount mentioned as the jackpot. If the jackpot is $1000 and two players win it, both will get $1000. So, you get the full value of your luck, not half or one third. Exciting, isn’t it? the place to get Casino info

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