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A Guide to Help You Play and Win at Casino Games

Here you will find an unbiased look at the safest and best online casino sites as well as the guide to casino games.

We have most up to date information on casino strategy, video poker, blackjack, roulette and much more.

Learn how to play like a pro!

Introduction To Casino Games – A Guide to Help You Play and Win

If you are interested in playing slot games and winning real money, then you are better off consulting casino games guides to help you make an informed decision.

This is because, the number of casino games keeps swelling, yet not all games, slots or sites are strictly committed to giving you the best bargain.

A good casino games guide will specify to you the bonus signs in use, the number of free spins, multipliers and paylines available in a game.

More excellent guides divulge more details such as expanding wilds, pay tables and scatter symbols.

It is for these reasons that is a trusted guide.

How To Play Casino Games

Remember that slot machines have currency detectors attached to them, when playing real money casino games.

The amount you stand a chance to win depends on the pattern of symbols made when the reels have stopped turning.

Try to make as many uniform horizontal or vertical patterns to increase the amount of your prize money.

You can also make winning lines from corner-to-corner, side-to-side or even in the middle of the game.

You should also familiarise yourself with the instructions provided for in your casino games guide as casino games are different and have varying instructions and winning patterns.

You must be able to know whether the game you are thinking of playing and winning in is a multiline, a multiplier or a progressive game.

One of the most exciting games you can play and win real money in is Blackjack.

Where to play?

Check out the wide range of sites in our online casino guide.

Unlike other casino games, play Blackjack strategically by giving your dealer a chance to hit.

Play very cautiously when your dealer has cards 4, 5 or 6.

This move will play out to your advantage if your dealer has a soft hand.

Use this opportunity to split or double down to get more money into the gallery when your dealer busts.

Stand if you are holding a hard 17. Your chance of winning is low and going bust at this point is disadvantageous.

Always strive to split eights and aces, but not tens. Splitting eights and aces double your chances of winning the pot.

Experts recommend against splitting 10s.

As is the case with other casino games in this casino games guide, you start playing blackjack by placing your initial bet.

You should follow this step by distributing the cards to each player, as well as to yourself.

A card belonging to the dealer is placed face-up for all to see. The hole card is placed face-down.

You are therefore able to determine your score by looking at the cards.

After you have determined your total score, decide whether you are settling for a stand, a hit, a split or a double.

Strive to beat the dealer while achieving a score that is closest to 21, without surpassing the sum.

  • How to Place Your Bet Strategically

  • How to Choose Your Score

  • How to Make Your Move Wisely

  • Giving the Dealer a Chance to Hit

General Rules For Casino Games

You must always remember that your ultimate aim is to outwit the dealer at his own game when playing casino games.

You can achieve this feat by letting your dealer go bust before you.

Whether you are playing Baccarat, Keno or Bingo, you have to place your initial bet, know your score and choose your moves wisely to help you know when to stand, double, split or hit.

Take note of the card values as all cards have their face values.

Face cards are equivalent to 10 points while an ace is worth 1 or 11 points.

You are therefore to beat the dealer by trying as much as possible, to let the dealer go bust, while you do not.

Conversely, you should strive to have a score closest to 21 without passing the number.

It is still helpful that you go through the instructions provided in the games guide since live or online casino games have many rule-specific variants.

Use this Game Guide For The Best Casino Games Strategies

You can also use this games guide to win real money in other casino games.

For instance, to win real money in Caribbean Stud Poker, you have to acquire a hand stronger than the dealer’s, to beat the house.

When playing this game, you will frequently encounter pairs of a low denomination.

These pairs are valuable as they help you outwit the dealer. You should, therefore, refrain from folding small pairs and playing weak hands.

A weak hand is bereft of a King or an Ace. A King is important as it can be a Flush, Full House, Straight Flush, Royal Flush, High Card, Two Pairs, or Three of a Kind, among others.

To play Sic Bo as a beginner, you can use the low-risk strategy to help you curtail financial losses.

You can also use the advanced strategy to win in these casino games.

To do this, you can call on hands that are composed of pairs.

You can call if the hole in the dealer’s card ranges from 2 to 10 and ties with yours.

You can also fold if you have a jack or a queen in your hand and the dealer’s card is a king or a queen.

Alternatively, you can fold hands which are not made up of at least, a high card.

The dealer’s hand qualifies half of the time and you should, therefore, strive to have your hand strong enough to defeat the dealer’s hand, even if you have a King or an Ace in your hand.

  • Keep Away From Folding Small Pairs
  • Do Not Play Weak Hands
  • Place Calls on Hands Comprising Pairs or Better

Different Types of Casino Games

Like many other games in the slots game guide, Caribbean Stud Poker has several versions.

In this light, Caribbean Stud Poker and Sic Bo games can be classified as multiline, a multiplier or progressive games.

As a progressive game, Caribbean Stud Poker can occur with a side feature costing a single chip, as a side bet.

Progressives are very cheap to play as they can require only 20 cents to sign up with.

Multiline games have several payout lines ranging from 5 to 50.

When choosing from a list of casino games to play, remember that the more lines you play, the higher the prospects of making winning combinations become.

Multiplier games have features which double or triple or increase a player’s win up to X100 or X1000.

This version of Caribbean Stud Poker and Sic Bo games is usually found in online versions.

You should therefore look out for the multiplier symbols when playing, to help multiply your wins and chances of winning real money.

For instance, wild multipliers trigger multipliers along and are attached to wild symbols while base play multipliers are limited to the value of the successful payline.

Tips and tricks for Casino Games beginners

Video poker is one of the casino games you can enjoy playing and win real money in.

From the five cards you have been given, choose the ones you will be tapping on the console.

Hit the draw button for the replacement of the cards you ceded away.

You become a winner upon ending up with a traditional poker hand such as straight, flush or two pairs.

The paytable of the table you are playing largely determines the amount of money you will win.

Royal Flush comes with an extra bonus, so that you win 4000 coins, instead of 1250 coins.

Glossary of Words Used

  • Paytable: the name for a list of payouts on a video poker or slot machine

  • Returns: the amount a slot machine pays for a certain amount wagered

  • Columns: Every column represents a winning of a specific symbol

  • Royal Flush: Multiplies extra bonuses

  • Multiplier symbols: symbols which multiply wins and chances of winning

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay for me to use a bonus to play?

Indeed, a player can use his bonus to play some casino games, though this provision is specific to certain gaming companies.

Usually, a player is given cash reward or bonus money as a bonus.

The bonus money can be used to bet and play but can only be withdrawn after the player has fulfilled his bonus requirements.

Is it safe to play slots for real money?

Yes, it is safe to play for real money in casino games.

However, this answer is not absolute as there are scams and fraudsters in the industry.

Taking safety measures such as paying attention to detail on independent casino reviews and game guides can significantly insulate you from scams that could make you bankrupt.

Where can I see the winning combinations?

As is the case with nearly all casino games, when interested in viewing the winning combination, simply spin the reel and then click on the ‘info’ or ‘paytable’ icon on the screen of the game.

This move will take you to a different screen with all the needed information.

Some of the information you will encounter on this screen include specific payouts for different combinations, details on bonus rounds, the RTP percentage and a list of various symbols.

Welcome To One of the Best Casino Guides

Unlike many other casino guides, this website contains helpful tips to meaningful interactions with an array of casino games and companies.

The safety and security of a casino game, chances of winning real money, the strategies you may use to increase.

Chances of winning real money, availability of bonuses and the extent to which you may use the bonuses are some of the crucial aspects of casino gaming that are extensively and magnanimously shared in this platform.

A newbie, an intermediary or a veteran, find priceless tips here. Interact with us.

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