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18+’s Gambling Guide To Canadian Online Players

The history of casino gaming in Canada and the entire gaming world is being rewritten courtesy of modern technology. This Gambling Guide seeks to capture the changes and the convenience that has been afforded to the Canadian gaming community. Old time, land-based casino players used to travel miles to city’s like Vancouver but thanks to platforms like you no longer need to stress yourself over such logistics. This gambling guide at such a platform will offer you honest game guides and the most up to date slot and casino reviews for your chance to play your favourite slots in their most recent forms.

Beginner’s Questions

This Gambling Guide has exploited all the information from casino pundits to game developers so as to respond satisfactorily to the most frequently asked question by the online casino beginners in Canada. This guide in its undisputed wisdom shall seek to address issues concerning; the accessibility of online casinos in terms opening and closure times, how to make real money in online gambling, whether Mac iOS are compatible with online casino sites, whether fun games do exist in web-based sites and how is fairness guaranteed to ensure neither of the parties manipulates the outcome of any game

Are Online Casinos Always Open?

Yes, in fact, the guiding principle is ‘anywhere anytime’. Probably this is one of the reasons why online gaming has been on an upward trajectory since its inception Canada. Unlike land based casinos which have business hours, web-based casinos give you the chance to try your hand on a wide variety of games from the comfort of your home on browsing devices like mobile phones, tablets, and iPhones anytime.

Can I Make Money In Online Gambling?

Making money in web-based casinos is a usual occurrence to experienced players who have mastered the skills and strategies of their favourite games. However, it is highly advisable for novice players to avoid real money wagering. This is because in many instances the online houses will always win your stakes. To make money in online gambling one must sharpen his gaming skills and eventually reduce the casino’s edge significantly.

Can I Play At Online Casinos Using A Mac?

This question has been asked severally because earlier versions of Mac operating may not have been satisfactorily compatible with online casino sites. However, tech giants as Mac developers are, have adapted and responded to this technology inadequacy. The Mac operating systems are now compatible with previously incompatible sites. The only small problem is that some online casinos have games that are not entirely downloadable on Mac systems hence players have to pay some small amounts to access their gaming world.

Can I Play Online For Free?

Casinos under platform will always let you have fun on free games. This reasoning is premised on the fact new beginners have mastered neither the rules nor the strategies that one ought to apply. However, important to note is that under fun games, any player whether new or old time house member, will be playing using virtual coins, and as such no real money shall be won or lost.

Can People Cheat When Playing In Online Casinos?

Any player is always concerned whether online casino establishments might be having a prior plan to cut down on his winning odds. The resounding answer is ‘NO’ unless it is a rogue casino. The most important part is that game developer usually blacklist sites that have failed fairness tests as regards their games. This way a player should always check whether a site is blacklisted or not. This information is readily available in honest game guides at

Customer Support And Security

Of importance to any casino players in Canada whether in land based casinos or online platforms is the financial and online presence security, and the customer support systems. As such this Gambling Guide comes with a variety of pre-emptive measures that web-based casinos have embraced to ensure your bank accounts are out of risk in case you are using credit or debit cards modes of payment. In terms of customer support, online casinos have live chats where you can forward your queries. Also, whenever your gambling account has been accessed players usually get instant messages in case of any unauthorised access.

Can New Casinos Be Trusted?

Trusting or not trusting a new online casino is a bit tricky. However, one should take precautions by looking at some of the parameters that determine the genuineness of such sites. Many web-based casinos have emerged in this era of internet hence one should check the following. Where and who is the licensing authority? Has the casino been approved by authorities like eCOGRA (e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance)? Check and then play.

How Can I avoid Rogue Casinos?

In the currently crowded market of online casino games, the likelihood of having rogue casinos is quite high. The big question is how does player notice and hence avoid them. The answer lies in the precautions a player takes. For instance, before you open an online gambling account make sure they do not charge exorbitant activation, withdrawal or even deposit fees. Also, ensure that payouts are vividly explained to prevent any dodgy winning undercuttings. Check the reviews with high ratings, and whether such casinos have been blacklisted or not.

Where Can I Find Casino Reviews?

Finding an honest and most up to date casino reviews are of great concern to modern day casino enthusiasts. This is because such reviews plainly reveal the expected payouts, the games offered, payments methods, currencies accepted and bonuses offered in case there are. Casino reviews are mostly available online on sites like ‘’ which monitors each casino in terms of their reliability and fairness


With the ever evolving gaming world, financial providers across Canada have adopted tailor-made deposit and withdrawal methods. As such this Gambling Guide enriches a player’s information on the convenience brought about by these methods of payment and the drawbacks they might be having. Of importance is the fact that there are many payment methods like the credit and debit cards method, PayPall, Skrill and EnthroPay. Before you register for any deposit or withdrawal mode make sure it is acceptable by your preferred casino site.

Are There Fees For Deposits Or Withdrawals?

The fees charged on deposits and cash outs from gambling sites vary depending on two factors. First, is the casino site whose games you have subscribed and second, is the financial provider you are using. However, whether fees are charged or otherwise should not be a thorny issue. This is because rates have been fixed by regulating authorities to prevent any possibility of unscrupulous charges

How Do I Collect My Casino Winnings?

The collection of a player’s winnings is a quite simple process if he has achieved the minimum withdraw-able balances. While some methods like PayPall may take a day to withdraw others like debit and credit cards may take up to three days. All you need is to visit the cashier section of your online gaming platform and indicating your intention to withdraw. Key in your PIN number and any authorization code that may be given. Then select whether to transfer money to your bank account or your card

Glossary Terms

  • ECCOGRA – e_Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This is an independent body that regulates worldwide gaming industry in terms of fairness and responsible operator behaviours.
  • Deposit bonus- These are extra benefits that accrue to a new player upon depositing a certain amount to his gambling account. It varies depending on the casino site a player uses.
  • House edge- This is an inbuilt casino advantage which on average represents a casino’s profit from a player’s bet.
  • Mobile Gaming Apps- Refers to apps or sites that are designed to be compatible with mobile devices for one to access his online gaming world.
  • Rogue Casino-These are casinos that deviated from the conventional betting norms by undercutting player winnings and engaging in dodgy business practices.

About Gambling Guide

Any worthy Gambling Guide across the online gaming community in Canada must come with priceless information regarding game guides, the most recent slot reviews, Online gaming blog posts, casino reviews and all that pertains payment methods. As such site has proved to be the best among all. Whether bored in your office, or at your home, turn on your browsing devices and access all these up to date online gaming information by a click of a button. With clear answers regarding the most asked questions on online casinos, this site will prove a worthy deal to any modern casino lover.

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