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Double or Nothing: Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell stood for the first time at a roulette table in the mecca for gamblers Las Vega and bet every penny he owned, £76,840 over $135,000 on one bet on the Red. One spin of the wheel to go for broke! Can you imagine what that must have felt like? The anticipation rising as that ball spun around the wheel. Would it land on the Red? The ultimate adrenaline rush! Ashley Revell took the chance and came away not only a winner but took his place in gambling history.

Ashley Revell – Momentous Moment

The bet Ashley Revell placed was a very real ‘Double or Nothing’, especially the nothing part! In 2004, professional gambler Ashley Revell decided he wanted to place a ‘make or break’ bet. A large one! To raise money for the bet, he withdrew all his savings and started to sell off what he could to raise the money. His car went and all his personal belongings. He even sold his name when a British online bookmaker agreed to contribute to the bet; becoming Ashley ‘Blue Square’ Revell. Altogether he raised a total of £76,840. Ashley, a British gambler from Kent, took all the money he had raised and headed off to the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Accompanying him along this route was a camera crew, filming the event for Sky One.

Once in Las Vegas Ashley tried to increase his bet but unfortunately did not manage it, losing some of his bankroll in the process. Originally the bet was to be placed at the Hard Rock hotel, but negotiations broke down. It was starting to look like ‘the bet that never was’, but the Plaza Hotel and Casino stepped up and not only offered to let the bet take place but offered a suite where it could all be filmed. Sky viewers, watching the event live, were asked to submit their choice ‘Red’ or Black’ with the majority preferring Red. Wearing a rented tux, Ashley placed his $135.300 bet; deciding, he said, at the last minute to place on the ‘7’ red. The rest is history, Ashley Revell won a staggering $270.600. After tipping the roulette crew $600, he then celebrated his win with family and friends. Where is Ashley Revell today? Still gambling but he also invested his win into starting up an online Poker company and a recruitment firm for online gambling companies.

Ashley Revell – A Modern Legend

Ashley Revell took the chance many would like to emulate; wagering everything on the spin of a wheel, or the turn of a card. The win itself almost seems inconsequential to the build up! Ashley himself commented that “it is one of those things you talk about but never do”, but he did and came out victorious. After the bet he was asked if he would do it again but said he would not, he did not “want to ride his luck”. This win was not just about Lady luck, though; it took dedication, planning and nerves of steel to bring it all together and earn his place in history.

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