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Credit & Debit Card Casino Bank Guide for Canadians

Credit & Debit Card Casino Bank Guide for Canadians
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Having a safe, reliable way to make and receive payments is, in fact, the first thing online casino players should look at before even registering at any site. Online security threats are all over the internet and one small mistake could cost a whole lot. The use of Credit & Debit card for online transactions is not only safe but reliable and fast as well. Credit and Debit cards provide the security you need to make deposits to online casinos. The most popular Credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. Most Canadian debit cards, however, work with the credit card logos only.

Using a Credit & Debit Card for Online Casinos

Credit & Debit card usage has increased and is on an exponential as we speak, meaning more and more people are using these services to make their online payments. For this reason, most, if not all, online casinos have included the use of debit and credit cards for deposits and withdrawals. The best part is both credit and debit cards do the same exact thing, and you can use both to deposit funds into a casino of your choice instantly. Using credit and debit cards for online casinos also gives the advantage of quick withdrawals with most casinos processing your cash-out within 24 hours. There are, however, cases of delayed payments where the process could take 1-5 days.

Credit & Debit card usage may appear to have the same qualities but there are a few contrasting points. Using a debit card to make a deposit is like taking money directly from your account and depositing it directly into your online casino account. This means that you can only deposit what is in your bank account. This is advantageous since you will only use the funds you can manage. Credit cards, on the other hand, require that you pay off any accumulated credit if used to make deposits and/or purchases in online casinos. You can choose to pay off the credit immediately or pay it off over time, with a bank interest. You have to be careful, however, credit card use can spiral out of control.

Opening a Credit & Debit Card account

Opening a Credit & Debit Card account is rather easy and straightforward. For starters, most banks in Canada offer a debit card when you open up a bank account as a companion to deposit accounts. In most cases, checking accounts come with debit cards which are also known as check cards. So this means that the use of a debit is similar to the use of a check only that it comes in a small plastic card. A credit card, on the other hand, requires a rather lengthy process to acquire. You can acquire one from your bank, major credit card issuers or a retail or department. A prior relationship with any of the credit card providers will not only hasten but assure you a credit card. Remember, opening either a credit or debit card account requires that you are above 18 years of age. The same applies for any online casino account that you may want to open.

Using Credit & Debit Card in Canada

Credit & Debit Card use is the most preferred means for online transactions in Canada. The use of credit and debit cards has raised at an exponential rate over the years especially with the evolution of technology. The number of cards in circulation in Canada as of October 2016, especially Visa and Mastercard is estimated at a whopping 68.5 million. Out of this number, 85% of Canadians use either debit cards or credit cards to pay their bills or make online transactions as of October 2016. Because of this, 40% of merchants, including casinos, have opted to migrate to this paperless form of payment.

Fees and Limits

Same to all other money transacting services, banks have to set limits on Credit & Debit Card use as per the laws set by the government of Canada and of course a certain percentile as a bank fee. Canada’s largest credit card networks, Visa and Mastercard, however, recently agreed to cut the fees they collect from merchants on the transactions made. This means that the fee at your favourite online casino has likely been reduced. On top of this, the government of Canada has set specific fee percentage cuts for both credit and debit cards. One great advantage, especially of debit cards, is that the limit of the card is the amount of money that is in your bank account. Some banks may have a limit on how much you can withdraw or transact in a day, but an agreement can be made with the bank to exceed the limit. Credit cards, on the other hand, have limits set by the provider according to how good your credit score is.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Credit & Debit Card

Credit & Debit Card use does have its advantages, and drawbacks as well. One advantage the debit card will always have is the fact that you will be able to control your spending since you can only use the money that you actually have in your bank account. Another advantage is that the fees percentage that is subtracted when using a debit card is a minimal to no fees at all. Credit cards, on the other hand, offer their users rewards, in this case, casino points when you use them. Also, they give you a chance to increase your limits with good credit scores. According to the Fair Credit Billing Act, customers are allowed to dispute any unauthorised online credit card transactions or any purchases for goods that have either been lost or damaged during shipping and handling by the merchant.

The mountain does have its leeward side however and here are some of the drawbacks of Credit & Debit Card use. Debit cards do not offer as much protection as credit cards do. Although most financial institutions try to protect their clients from debit card fraud, clients could potentially be at risk of losing up to $500 on debit card fraud compared to $0 on credit cards. On the credit card front, it is important to remember that the use of a credit card is a form of borrowing that has to be repaid. Failure to pay monthly balances will result in the racking up of interest fees and fines. Another thing to watch out for is exceeding your monthly limit on your credit as there will be a charge if you do so. This payment method is convenient and fast, but you have to be careful with the way you use it, since with great power, comes great responsibility.

Credit & Debit Card Review in a Nutshell

Credit & Debit Card use is arguably the most widely used form of paperless payment worldwide. The Credit & Debit Card payment method is extremely secure, fast and convenient. Credit or debit card fraud is on the low, and in a case of theft, cancellation can happen at any time, wherever you are. This payment method can be transacted in an instant and no time is wasted with the purchase or payment of either goods or services. The best part is, providers such as Visa and Mastercard provide their services all over the world and wherever you may be in the world, you can make a transaction.

Credit & Debit Card FAQ

How do I add a new user to my cards?

Adding a new user to an account is a common occurrence especially if the third party is either a minor or is not eligible for either card. To add a new user to your account, all you need to do is complete the Authorised User Form and submit it to your bank branch or credit card provider. If the identification of the third party is required, then you will be notified.

What costs are associated with this form of payment?

The costs that are associated with this kind of payment really differ and depend on either the bank or the provider you may prefer. Debit cards tend to have little to no fees but this all depends on your resident bank. Credit cards, on the other hand, have higher costs because of the interest rates that mainly come along with the card.

What happens if I lose either my debit or credit card?

If you accidentally lose either your credit or debit card, contact your bank or credit card provider immediately so as to cancel the card, rendering it useless to anyone who may have the malicious intent of stealing from your card. The bank or the credit card provider cancels any card that is reported lost or stolen immediately.

Can I use this form of payment for casino transactions?

Debit or credit cards support all forms of payments as long as the merchant accepts or authorises this form of payment. Most online casinos support most if not all forms of online payments including debit and credit cards. So before you decided to register at a certain casino, find out first if they support the use of credit or debit cards.

Will I get charged if I use this form of payment in a foreign country?

This also depends heavily on your bank or provider. Most banks charge a 2% International Transaction Fee because they also need to exchange currency and foreign exchange rates are always fluctuating. Sometimes, however, the fee that is charged on debit or credit cards for international transactions is barely noticeable to the customer.

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