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Citadel Casino Bank Guide for Canadians

We would all like to have that trusted banking method which we can rely on when playing games online. Citadel is this payment method. It enables a player to make deposits to their online casino accounts without any hustles and worries. It is fast and reliable for any gamer, enabling a safe and efficient transacting environment. Moreover, there are different rewards when using this payment method, but this depends on the online casino you have chosen. The other beautiful fact about this banking method is that they offer a 24/7 customer service support for customers plus a website which can be accessed from any internet connected device.

Using Citadel for Online Casinos

Citadel is an international payment platform for gamers who love playing in online casinos. It has gained popularity recently due to the fact that it is easy to use. As with each online casino, they do have different terms and conditions regarding the use of this banking method. You can use it to deposit funds or withdraw from your online account without much hustle. The other benefit of using this payment method is the fact that it is secure and easy to operate. After opening your account and verifying your information you are good to play at any online casino accepting it as a banking method.

Like all bank accounts, Citadel offers various bonuses to loyal customers. They have ensured that users have instant deposits and this has increased its customer base. With this payment method you get, faster access to your money, which you can decide on which online gaming platform to transfer your money to. This is what makes it a reliable as the transfers are instant and they protect your information by never retaining any login information which could compromise the security of its users. For you to enjoy playing games online you also need to find a casino which accepts this payment method and since all transactions are done online then you can deposit your money to your favorite online casino and begin playing.

Opening a Citadel account

If you are looking for a safe and secure method for your online gaming activities then Citadel offers the best payment option. To get an account all you need is to log into their website, you will then be prompted for your personal information such as; full names, date of birth, email address and a phone number which you can be reached on during the day or night. You will also be required to upload your identity card for verification. After this is done, you will be required to verify your account so that you can start transacting with the account. They will ship a debit card or you can use your e-wallet to make a deposit to your favorite casino and start enjoying your favorite games. The best thing about this banking method is that you can access your account from any device as long as it has an internet connection.

Using Citadel in Canada

Citadel offers a reliable and trusted payment platform for online casino gamers. It has gained popularity over the years in Canada and is being accepted by various casinos online. As a matter of fact, Citadel has ensured that Canadians can have a hassle free payment method. It is easy to use and can be accessed on any device which has an internet connection. Canadian gamers can rely on this payment method to deposit and withdraw from their online casino account. Users can expect instant deposits to their favorite casinos plus there is a wonderful support system which includes a 24/7 customer care services.

Fees and Limits

Like all banking options available, there are fees that are charged when using Citadel on online casino websites. these fees vary depending on the online casino of choice. Citadel has ensured that there is a comprehensive fee guide which lists all the charges which are charged when using this banking method for deposits and withdrawals. Although this payment method can be mooted as the best banking option for online casinos, it can also be a headache when loading money into your account. If you load money through a bank account then there is bound to be a delay when loading money into your casino account. This means that if you are to deposit into your online account it may not be as fast as you may wish, however, if there is money in your account you can continue enjoying your time through online games.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Citadel

Citadel offers its users a wide variety of benefits which include instant deposits and secure payment platforms. Depending on your online casino you may also get bonuses when depositing into your account, this could be in the form of free spins or cash rewards upon depositing a certain amount of money into your casino account using Citadel. The best benefit to using this payment method is that it is fast and easy to use. It has instantaneous deposits depending on if your account is loaded with money. The fact of the matter is that this payment platform has grown over the recent years to become one of the favorite banking methods, with different casinos offering different rewards for its users. Sending money is charged but the upside is that you are not charged for opening an account with this payment method.

Although Citadel is an international payment and banking provider, it has its drawbacks, which is tainting its picture as a rising star in banking options available for online casinos. The most notable drawback is its withdrawal time. It all boils down to the online casino itself when withdrawing funds from your casino account. It is advisable that you check the terms and conditions of the casino you will be using to transact with using Citadel for a concise information regarding withdrawal times when using this payment method. But all is not lost when using this payment platform, it offers its users the best customer support system with a 24/7 customer care live chat. It has also ensured that all transactions are safe from any attacks or fraud as they require authentication before processing any payments.

A Review On Citadel In A Nutshell

Citadel is an international online banking method which is available in over 33 countries. Citadel provides a wonderful payment platform where online gamers can rely on it for quick deposits. The best part is the fact that there are online casinos which offer bonuses whenever you use this banking method for deposits. If you need to feel secure and you require a reliable payment platform, then this banking method is what you are looking for. It is secure, reliable and can be accessed through a mobile app, web page or rapid transfer of funds. If you are relying on reviews you can have a negative perception on this payment platform but it is growing and becoming a wonderful payment option.

Citadel FAQ

Is Citadel available in Canada?

Yes, it is. Citadel is available in 33 countries globally and Canada is listed as one of those countries. you can use Citadel to either deposit or withdraw from their favorite online casino. With Citadel you can only expect the best services ranging from instant deposits to a wonderful support system.

How do I use Citadel?

All you have to do is open up an account by setting up internet banking so as to use Citadel. Then are three options to load money into your Citadel account, you can use an app, web page or rapid transfer. All three will give you a prompt to log in to your account to complete your transaction.

How Long do deposits/withdrawals take?

Deposits are instantaneous but withdrawal time vary. It all depends on the casino you are using to play your games. It is best to check with your online casino on their terms and conditions regarding withdrawals. But typically withdrawals do take a minimum of two days but never exceeds 7 days for any withdrawal.

Does Citadel offer support to its users?

Yes. Citadel does offer a wonderful support system to its customers. It has ensured that users have access to a 24/7 customer care support through its live chat. Customers can access them through the live chat system for quick solutions to any problems they may be encountering while using the banking method.

Is Citadel safe to use in Canada?

It is. Citadel is safe to use in Canada. It has ensured that its users can have access to their funds through any portal as long as it is connected to the internet. They have ensured that all transactions are secure plus the online casino has also put in place measures to guarantee your safety.

Casinoguides.ca; Where To Find Honest Reviews on Online Casinos

Casinoguides.ca is a website based in Canada which reviews online casinos and payment platforms. Here you can expect only honest truths about the different games in casinos plus the different payment platforms you can use to deposit or withdraw. You can also expect only the best gaming guides, so find out more about the best banking services here.

Introduction to Casino Payments

One of the very important features of any online casino is the payment and withdrawal options that it offers to its players. The number of options available can confuse a newbie, so to help you choose the best deposit or withdrawal method for you, we have reviewed some most popular casino payment/withdrawal methods. A payment guide for online casinos will always give a wire transfer as a payment method among others. A wire transfer is fast and easy, simple to perform and most casinos accept these.

The best online casinos are always exciting and they try and accommodate their different customers by providing a host of payment options. A payment guide will also tell you that Prepaid cards are another payment system used by online casinos. These cards include Ecocard, Neteller, Mastercard VISA and others. These cards are a popular choice because you can use them for other things such as shopping besides gambling online. Making a deposit to your online casino account with these cards comes with the benefits of any credit card and deposits will happen instantly. Because these cards are in cahoots with Visa or Mastercard, they can be used anywhere.

Different Deposit and Payment Methods

With an online casino payment guide, you will notice that payment methods such as Echeck and Ecopayz are used as well. They are a safe way to make online payments. With a payment method such as Echeck Ecopayz, you will notice that there are also other benefits such as registration being free when opening your account. You do not need to have a bank account and transaction fees are also low with funds being transferred into your ecoPayz account immediately. These payment methods are similar to bank accounts and are completely safe.

Entropay is licensed for operations with e-wallets for their online casino customers and a casino payment guide will reveal Entropay is well used by online casinos. Fortunately, there are many casinos accepting this payment method. This payment option was introduced in the year 2003 as a prepaid virtual Visa card. It is well known and accepted in more than 170 countries of the world. Apart from gambling online, you can make online purchases and also perform transactions without having to disclose information about bank and card details, thus being completely sure of your information remaining private.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods at online casinos according to any payment guide and a quality payment guide will tell you that you can use them to make safe, fast payments at online casinos. When you look at iDebit, for instance – it is a secure online payment method and lets you make payments directly from your online banking account. You simply sign up with your credit card, log into your bank with the same online banking user-name and password and you’re ready to go.You can also use Maestro to make purchases securely. Maestro makes use of the latest card security technology. It is quick and easy – you just insert your card, enter your pin and you are ready to go and you can even use your card when you’re abroad.


A payment guide will tell you that Skrill started as Moneybookers electronic wallet in 2001. The name changed to Skrill and was acquired by Paysafe. Skrill is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, operating in no less than 200 countries. Open an account with Skrill and receive your login particulars to fund your account.

Gamblers love the live casinos offer and casinos have responded by ensuring that they offer all the different casino payments as suggested in a reputable casino payment guide. Once you’ve found a fantastic online casino, it goes without saying that the next step is to find the best online casino payment options to transfer your funds. These payment guides will tell you which payment options are acceptable according to your personal banking needs. You never have to be wary of transferring funds online because these guides have done all the research for you and recommend casino payment options that are as safe as houses to use.

A payment guide will tell you that while most of the online casinos are completely safe and enormously fun, there are always those bad apples that spoil it for everyone. Rogue gambling sites do happen and they’re to be avoided at all costs. If you’re wondering how, then these guides for payment options will list casinos who have issues with paying players what is rightfully theirs. It is up to players to do research with any casino and their payment options before signing up with them. Skrill is one of the safe options and it can be used for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.


PayPal is a hugely popular payment method and a payment guide always lists PayPal for use at online casinos because it is a secure way to send and receive money online. With a solid track record, PayPal is a leading online e-wallet solution, working with no less than 25 different currencies and also in more than 180 countries worldwide.

A casino payment guide will tell you that you can trust PayPal as it is selective, dealing only with online casinos that have a gambling licence in the country where you want to play. It is just one of the signs that you’re dealing with a reputable online casino. Opening a PayPal account is also simply straightforward and all you basically need to get going is a valid email address. Always do research because there are things such as minimum deposits where you’ll be asked to deposit a minimum amount of anything between $10-$25.

All the best, most reliable, registered, regulated and reputable online casinos accept PayPal for withdrawals and deposits. A payment guide will tell you to always check the small print before signing up with any casino and going ahead with their payment options. An important aspect with any payment option is speed and convenience, and with PayPal it is one of the faster payment alternatives. Some of the largest online casinos where you’ll find PayPal are Casino Tropez, Paddy Power and Betfair among others and with a casino such as Betfair, cashouts are within 24 hours.


Neteller is an excellent banking option according to any online casino payment guide. It is trustworthy and respected, and as an electronic banking method, it is also fast and easy. It was created in Canada in 1999 and is registered with the British Financial Services Authority, abiding by their legislation. It means that Neteller keeps the funds of customers in trust accounts, providing casino players with an excellent sense of security.

With a casino payment guide, you’ll discover how to use any payment options to make a casino deposit. When choosing any one of these many banking methods, there are always some things that you need to take into consideration such as the particular method you choose for your casino deposits, the reliability of the method including how easy the method is to use. The best casinos make use of special encryption methods to ensure the safety of your personal information.

A payment guide for online casinos will guide you on the right way to ensure that all your personal, as well as financial information, is always safe and confidential and that your payment methods can’t be tampered with. Credit cards, e-wallets, debit cards, pre-paid cards, bank transfers, wire transfers – you name it – the most important thing is to ensure that you choose a registered, regulated online casino in the first place.

Bank Transfer

A payment guide will always mention a bank transfer allowing customers with Amex and Mastercard to pay for online purchases using their Internet banking facility. Customers will initiate a bank transfer through online banking or tele-banking as examples. This type of payment is made at the initiative of the customers and payment is sent to the bank account of the seller. Bank transfers are safe and have no reversal risk and banks are allowing customers to initiate bank transfers online.


There are many options for gamblers all over the world to make safe banking methods. A payment guide is full of useful information on online casino payment methods regarding the Paysafecard, PayPal, Neteller and other payment methods, and a casino bank guide is important because it ensures that your monetary journey with any reputable online casino is fast, easy, convenient, accurate and safe. There is always a casino with the payment option you want to use and the payment guide, when chosen carefully, can be all you need to know precisely what currency to use, how to use it and what bonuses exist so that you can always be sure that your carefree, fun gambling experience remains exactly like that year after year.