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Casino Tipping Etiquette

Gambling online is convenient in many ways. For instance, you can do it from the comfort of your home, office, or on your mobile device. You also do not have to think about tips. Live gambling, on the other hand, comes with some basic rules of etiquette that you should be aware of. These rules apply whether you are a seasoned professional or an amateur trying your luck for the first time. You should be ready to tip the casino employees whether you win or not. Journey the road to become a professional player using these simple casino tipping etiquette guidelines.

Casino Tipping Etiquette:Tips And Tricks.

Many people believe that the only reason we should tip is to reward good services. Considering that most casino workers earn low wages from the casino itself, tipping can go a long way to boosting their livelihood. Tipping in a casino should come as naturally as anything else. The trick, however, is knowing who to tip and how to do it. In some countries, tipping is a norm and is expected while in other countries, like Barcelona, tipping the dealer might draw you some unwanted attention. Casino tipping etiquette is all about knowing the rules of the casino that you are gambling at and also knowing that tipping is not really a standard rule. It is a recognised fact, though, that people who tip generously get better services.

There are a number of people to tip if you feel benevolent enough. To begin with, the valet and the bellhop are the first people you meet when you arrive. Although they are non-dealer staff, it is etiquette to begin with tipping them. Waiters and waitresses are the next group of people you should have in mind. The person who brings you a drink would not mind a 2 dollar tip. Casino host tipping etiquette dictates that 20% is the standard tip for table hosts and cocktail girls. Tipping the dealer is definitely one of the most controversial subjects. It is advantageous to tip the dealer immediately after you sit down as this makes them more accommodating. The most common way of tipping a dealer is by using a chip, not cash, and you can do this by making a bet for the dealer. Tipping is a matter of choice, but whether you are winning or losing in a casino game, always remember to tip.

Having casino tipping etiquette is bound to get you the best service on offer. Whether it is the valet, bellhop, waitress or dealer, tipping will get you a long way in any casino. Remember that you are not just rewarding good service, but also helping employees who earn a low wage. So whether it is your first time in a live casino or not, walk in confidently and use these simple rules. Do not forget to tip on your way in!

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