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Should You Allow Your Intuition to Guide You When Playing Online Casino Games?

Is it a good idea to trust one’s instinct instead of facts? Should you make critical decisions like purchasing a car or an apartment? We all want to get great bonuses and hit huge jackpots while playing online casino games. However, should you consider the facts or allow your gut to be your guide?

Hard Facts Might Not Help

Some of us believe that research and facts are superior to our intuition. The truth is that numbers play a vital role in running a business. Companies that use data to make decisions are 6 percent more profitable and 5 percent more productive than other companies (Harvard Business Review). Likewise, you could take advantage of numbers while playing online casino games.

A casino’s house edge might help you calculate the odds, but this might not be possible because the RTP percentage is a theoretical number. The RTP of a slot is just an average estimation, rather than an accurate prediction. That’s why it’s possible to scoop a jackpot whenever you play a slot.

Relying on Your Intuition

Intuitive decisions are not based on logical approaches even though you have to take some time to think before making such decisions. Generally, gut-based choices are random and some scientists say our intuition acts so fast that it’s difficult to register the mental processes that take place. According to one theory, the human brain compares all the present impulses to previous events with similar characteristics to help us make decisions. Your heartbeat increases and you might feel your stomach churn when making gut decisions.

Combining Facts with Your Intuition

The most experienced online gamblers find it easy to make decisions and the best strategy is to combine facts with gut feelings. According to a famous Steve Jobs quote, we should join the dots looking backward if it’s hard to join them looking forward. He also advised people to at least have faith in something even if it’s life, karma, instinct or destiny. In other words, you should trust your gut. Your experience also plays an important role in making future decisions, right?

Do you trust in facts or your gut? Are facts more important than your gut feeling?

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